WEAVE: Walking Towards the Future


In spring of 2015, a few of WEAVE’s Board and Committee members got the crazy idea to commission a giant red shoe to be used as statement piece for WEAVE’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event. And they succeeded. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is a unique and powerful international public experience which educates individuals and communities about gender based violence. Men walk a full mile wearing women’s high heel shoes. Using the literal interpretation allows participants and their supporters to talk about negative consequences of gender socialization, victim blaming and violence against women while raising funds to support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (WAM) Sacramento started six years ago with nearly 200 men braving high heels and railroad tracks and have steadily grown to 1,113 men in 2015 with a goal of 1,300 men in 2016. Through the past five years this event has raised over $1.1 million to support survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. WAM cannot continue to grow unless we have support from the community and we found a great partner in Sac Fashion Week (SACFW). When word got out that we had a giant red shoe, the SACFW leaders saw the obvious synergy and made “The Shoe” a centerpiece for the first fashion week kick off. SACFW provided WEAVE with the opportunity to be at the event and share awareness of our programs and how they can help survivors. The production also included WEAVE volunteers in the model training day – enabling some loyal supporters to receive well-deserved pampering.

Oscar Vasquez Photography

SACFW Producers Ryan Brough, Missy O’Daniel, Duane Ram – Photographer Oscar Vasquez


Zuyimi Photography

Runway/Button Up Boutique – Zuyimi Photography

WEAVE works to build a community that does not tolerate domestic violence and sexual assault and relies on partners to help us accomplish this goal. WEAVE is thrilled to be part of SACFW and to have our work showcased along with such visionary and talented designers who make our community great!

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