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Fashion dictates trends in the beauty industry therefore hair and makeup for SACFW always needs to be spot on for the yearly trends. Missy O’Daniel, owner of Allure Hair Salon and Spa in the heart of Sacramento has been involved with Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) since 2011. At the time, SACFW was a relatively small production because there were only two fashion shows; the Student Designers Showcase on Friday and the Designers Showcase on Saturday.  Eventually her role within the production would lead her salon to being the salon partner and her position to co-producer.  By having this official title, O’Daniel she reached out to fellow salon owners and invited their stylist to become a part of SACFW. As a large non-profit organization and community event, O’Daniel’s vision was for all the beauty professionals to come together to share their knowledge, learn from each other, network, collaborate, and be creative for the sake of putting on a fabulous show. “Hair is a form of fabric by manipulating the hair with products and hot tools, it will change the texture of the fabric. The color palette also plays a factor in fashion and beauty,” O’Daniel informed.

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Picture by David Alvarez (from right) Ryan Brough, Miss O’Daniel and Duane Ram

Over the years, Missy O’Daniel has worked her way up the ranks. Today she is not only one of the producers of SACFW but also a partner with founder Duane Ram and co-producer Ryan Brough. “We all excel and bring different attributes which ultimately compliment each other in this production, “ O’Daniel said. With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and owning a salon in the bustling capital of California, O’Daniel has formed many relationships with beauty manufacturers, businesses, and individuals. All of this networking ultimately aided the SACFW production team in providing  much needed sponsored items. Moreover, Allure’s clients relish in the idea of seeing a strong partnership with SACFW. “They have won awards in excellence in customer satisfaction, best hair salon, best stylist, best day spa and salon of the year,” customer of Allure Brian B. said. Other clients agree with the level of professionalism that Allure Salon and Spa bring, is none like the others in Sacramento. “ Allure offers great customer service, they have knowledgeable hair stylists on hand, and always provide great haircuts,” customer Kyle C. said.


Missy O’Daniel believes that SACFW creates a platform for interns to get on the job work experience, models have the opportunity to be photographed, perhaps get signed by a local modeling agency, as well as walk the runway for shows in New York, Paris, and Milan. Even for the student designers, SACFW helps them in getting noticed. Many designers have moved on from SACFW to showcase their work at New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Vancouver Fashion Week. “If I am able to help one person each year create a path to a successful future I know I’m paying it forward. I would not have reached the success I have had without the help of others. I feel rewarded when others I’ve helped succeed,” O’Daniel said. With all the hard work being put in, O’Daniel doesn’t always have the luxury to sit back and watch the shows. However, her favorite part is to see the reaction from the audience as they smile and fully enjoy the production.

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