Dress Up Wine Down 2018

Garrick Wong Photography

Sacramento’s Handle District hosted it’s fourth annual Dress Up Wine Down event on Capitol Avenue.   The annual fashion and wine event that brings together the Lodi Winegrape Commission (LOCA) and Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW).  This year’s event raised just under $5k for Women Escaping A Violent Environment (WEAVE).

Kondrya Photography
DMR Photography

The outdoor event held on second Saturday, May 12th, took over Capitol Avenue between 19th and 18th streets with more than a dozen wineries from one of the world’s fastest-growing wine regions provided through the Lodi Winegrape Commission.

Garrick Wong Photography
Tom Huynh Photography

Featured designers were Richard Hallmarq and Ken Adams.  Featured boutiques were Ladybuggz BoutiqueHeart Boutique,  Getta Clue store and selections from Felicia Strati Boutique.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Duane Ram the founder and producer of Sacramento Fashion Week oversaw the fashion show presentation and says this is one of the fun shows he enjoys doing.  “Compared to SACFW this event is not as stressful.  Granted I have less to oversee, but we did cast over 30 models for the show which is more then what we had last year.”


Tom Huynh Photography

Allure Salon & Spa joined the event this year taking care of the model’s hair needs with the help of Karina Martin as the makeup lead.

Fashion Forum 2018

There have been a number changes happening this year and one of them was the fashion forum.  Usually starting off the week.  This year the forum was moved to Tuesday now hosted at the COWO Campus.  It’s also being produced this year by the Student Fashion Association of Sacramento State University.  

Panel guest speakers will be as follows;

Chandra Bourne – Owner of Cast Images—a full-service licensed talent agency representing models, actors, and kids (est. 1991.) She opened the agency after working as a professional model and actress in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, and Milan.  

Amie Downing – a design team leader at Paul Mitchell the School at MTI College.  Working at Paul Mitchell, she strives to educate and inspire future professionals to follow their dreams.

Dr.Dong Shen – a Fashion Merchandising and Design Faculty Advisor at Sacramento State University.

Kuks (Prince) Singh – an award-winning international photographer and fashion designer.  He is now also the Founder and Creative Director of COWO Campus, a new shared office-space facility for the creative community within Sacramento.

Morgen Marie – an Instagram (IG) star and model who is known for her variety of unique modeling content, and her involvement as an activist for a variety of causes.  With 128,000+ followers on IG alone, she has turned her social media presence into a thriving business.  

Tim Engle – Sacramento commercial photographer and native, Tim Engle cultivated a passion for photography in his early teens and has since successfully turned that love into a successful business.  Tim has been a part of the Sacramento Fashion Week photography team since 2012.

2018 SACFW Runwy Model Casting


The Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) casting call is taking place this weekend at Arden Fair Mall. Designers showcasing at this year’s fashion week will be in attendance, scouting models for their lineup. Models interested in walking for the show must attend one of the open calls. This year we will be casting for kids ages 4-7 as well as male and female models that appear between the ages of 16-28. It’s important to always pay attention to the details and come prepared. For runway castings, models need to dress as simple as possible. A basic outfit usually means blue or black skinny jeans, a neutral tank or t-shirt, and a good pair of heels for girls. For guys, a pair of slim fitted jeans and a plain t-shirt with dress shoes. DO NOT overdo your outfit with a jacket or jewelery. No heavy makeup or baggy clothes at all.

Castimages Model & Talent Agency will be present both days scouting models as well. This is your chance to make a professional first impression. Read all of the tips & info below.  Follow directions and be prepared.  No experience necessary!

Casting Dates:

Sat Jan 13, 2018       11 am – 2 pm
Sun Jan 14, 2018      11 am – 2 pm

Where: Arden Fair Mall in Center Court
1689 Arden Way, Sacramento CA


  • Appear between 16 – 28 years of age (Minors must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian)
  • Male: Athletic & tone (5′-10″ min.)
  • Female: Slender weight to height (5′-7″ min. in bare feet)
  • Female: Dress size 0-6.
  • All models must be healthy, in good physical shape, have clear (unblemished) skin, no obvious scars, no tan lines, no excessive piercings or tattoos.

Please Dress as Follows:

  • Fitted clothes (skinny jeans, tank, V or scoop neck T)
  • Female: Bring a pair of heels (no slippers, platforms or chunky heels)
  • Male: Bring dress shoes

Comp cards and pictures are not required but if you have them bring 2 copies or 2 4×6 headshot prints with your contact info on the back (phone, email, etc) and measurements

Kidswear Casting:

We will also be holding a special kids casting on SUNDAY ONLY for ages 4-7 years old.

When:   Sun Jan 14, 2018        1 – 2 pm

Where: Arden Fair Mall in Center Court
1689 Arden Way, Sacramento CA

Download casting form here

House of Alexandria von Bromssen


Alexandria von Bromssen’s line, House of AvB, was created in 2008, celebrating an endogenous style of fashion, catering to both men and women.  Hailing from Sweden, Alexandria first entered the fashion world modeling throughout Italy, Spain, Greece, and Australia.   She later fell in love with designing and holds a Masters of Arts Degree from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.  Currently based in the San Francisco/Bay Area, she opened her Red Square Boutique in 2010, which also serves double-duty for her Camp Couture, a children’s sewing camp. Aside from all this, she is probably best known for being runner-up on Season 12 of Project Runway.  She was definitely one of the most popular and talented contestants the series has ever had.  One of her many current projects includes giving back to the community at large and nurturing less privileged youths by exposing them to discovering creative joys through the beauty of fashion and design.  It’s clear that the doctrine of creating our own destiny is what has taken her to where she is today.


Alexandria von Bromssen presented her 2017 Winter/Fall Collection at SACFW this past February, where she also included and featured young designers from Camp Couture.   Alexandria has traveled the globe three-times over, from the Egyptian pyramids to scaling the peak of Kilimanjaro, finding haven in natural vortexes.  All of these organic energies are clearly being channeled through her latest design collection.  They are both tortured yet romantic; both organic and otherworldly; both feral and raw, yet exquisite in every divine detail.  Earth, water, fire, and air are all represented in a mastery of illusion.

Camp Couture designs made by the kids wearing them 8 Year old Clara started the show wearing a tinker bell costume photography by Igor Kondrya
Camp Couture designs made by the kids wearing them
8 Year old Clara started the show wearing a tinker bell costume
Photography by Igor Kondrya


Photography by Igor Kondrya


Alexandria von Bromssen Winter Fall Collection
Alexandria von Bromssen 2017 Winter/Fall Collection
Photography by Igor Kondrya

It’s probably no coincidence that she believes in equality for all, and relishes in the diversities of all.  The presentation was titled – A Twisted Fairy Tale.  Best be described as a mad genius mash-up of American Horror Story, meets Snow White, or even The Adams Family, meets Chronicles of Narnia.

photography by Igor Kondrya
Photography by Igor Kondrya


Designer Alexandria von Bromssen
Designer Alexandria von Bromssen
Photography by Igor Kondrya


Model Profile: Nicole Williams


She may not have the height of a supermodel but Nicole Williams stands tall amongst the rest of them.   From her first audition for Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) in 2015, Nicole has managed to continually book herself into runway show since.

Q: Tell us about your first fashion runway experience and how you got introduced to Sacramento Fashion Week? 
A: Sacramento Fashion Week was my first time.  I was super excited, loved all cameras and lights.  I heard about it from a friend who told me to try out at the Arden mall. 

Q: Who’s your favorite local designer?
A: Prince Singh. His gowns are breathtaking.


Q: What inspires you?
A: Knowing that there is always the potential for me to grow. You never know what you could do if you don’t go jump and try new things. The unknown is great.

Q: Who did you look up to when you were younger?
A: My mother is the strongest person I know.  A role model for life. 

Q: Where do you see yourself going in this industry?
A: Hopefully to be a known name. Trying to expand myself worldwide.

Q: What is your advice to young girls and boys wanting to be in this industry?
A: Anything is really possible, put in the work and no one can take it from you.

Model Profile: Anita Spoljar

Jojo Serina | Photography Model | El Centurion HMUA | Ozzie Mendoza Assistant | David Gonzalez Location | Rancho Uva Blanka
Jojo Serina | Photography
Model | El Centurion
HMUA | Ozzie Mendoza
Assistant | David Gonzalez
Location | Rancho Uva Blanka

Anita first caught our attention in 2013 through images we saw online.  We were pleasantly surprised when she attended our model call.  She was, in fact, a local model and in 2015 she became the face of SACFW.  Since then Anita has always made herself available to participate in our showcases.


Q: Tell us about your first fashion runway experience and how you got introduced to Sacramento Fashion Week? 
A: I heard about the casting through social media and didn’t hesitate for a second to go and give it a try.  As for my first experience on the runway…. When I walked out on the stage for the first time and felt the energy from the audience it was just an incredible feeling. 

Q: Who’s your favorite model and why? 
A: Gisele Bundchen is a smart beautiful model but she is also a very talented and successful business woman.  She brought dynamic energy to the fashion world with her presence, confidence, and style on the runway.  Besides seeing her as a perfect model.  I think it’s amazing that she still maintains a great, fun-spirited, simple life.

Sacramento Fashion Week Designer | Neide Hall Oscar Vasquez Photography Hair | Sui Meguel Crusett by Allure Salon and Spa Make up | Ozzie Mendoza
Sacramento Fashion Week
Designer | Neide Hall
Oscar Vasquez Photography
Hair | Sui Meguel Crusett by Allure Salon and Spa
Make up | Ozzie Mendoza

Q: What would you say is your personal style?
A: A large part of my personal style comes from choosing clothes that reflect my personality.  I try to keep a good mixture of classic pieces, and also a mix of current modern trends.  But most importantly, style means feeling confident in whatever it is your wearing.  We all know that those who look the best are always the ones with a smile on their face because they are comfortable and confident in themselves and what they are wearing.

Tantalum Magazine issue 33 In the flesh Photography | Michael Meltser Makeup Artist | Vlada Haggerty Hair Stylist | Ozzie Mendoza Stylist | Jessica Thompson Headpiece Design | Lacey Bannister
Tantalum Magazine issue 33
In the flesh
Photography | Michael Meltser
Makeup Artist | Vlada Haggerty
Hair Stylist | Ozzie Mendoza
Stylist | Jessica Thompson
Headpiece Design | Lacey Bannister

Q: Who did you look up to when you were younger and what inspires you?
A: Definitely looked up to my parents, they were my guide because they always wanted the best for me.  I’m highly inspired by anything I come across.  Photography, magazines, artists, designers, music and fashion shows of course.

Q: Where do you see yourself going in this industry?
A: I take every opportunity that comes my way.  With discipline and persistence, I hope to get further.  If you are passionate about something I believe it will come your way.

FOCUS of SWFL MAGAZINE page | 166- 167 Photographer | Vincent Gotti at The Candy Factory Studio, LLC. HMUA | Ozzie Mendoza Creative Director | Niccanor Dress | Bride to Be Couture
page | 166- 167
Photographer | Vincent Gotti at The Candy Factory Studio, LLC.
HMUA | Ozzie Mendoza
Creative Director | Niccanor
Dress | Bride to Be Couture

Q: What do you do on your free time?
A: There is nothing l like doing more in my free time than playing volleyball, swimming and running.

Q: What is your advice to young girls and boys wanting to be in this industry?
A: Believe in yourself !!  Have discipline, keep moving forward and never give up on your dreams.

The Sacramento Women’s Expo 2016

The Sacramento Women’s Expo produced Event Show Pro is one of many events created by Karie Robinson.  The other events include the Kids Expo CaliforniaLuxury Wedding Shows and the Ultimate Bridal Shows which also happens in other cities throughout Northern California.


After producing so many well-attended events targeting only a small niche of women Karie sought after creating an event that could help a larger market of women and that’s when the Sacramento Women’s Expo was born.  To REBUILDREJUVENATE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER the lives of women in the community.


The Sacramento Women’s Expo currently runs one full day, but it was jam-packed with a variety of actives.   They ranged from Workshops and Demonstrations tailored to women’s needs partnered with a Fun, Entertaining, and Shopping atmosphere.


This year Sacramento Fashion Week joined the activities with a specially created backdrop by SACFW production designer Yennie Zhou

Designer Yennie Zhou (center) with production assistant Jaz Butler (left) and Robert Best (Advantage Presentation Services)

The showcase titled the Working Woman closed out the Expo featuring Mai Vang, Anastasia Kryukova, Lena Trotsko, Thimoleon Rodriguez and Renaissance Fine Consignment with looks pulled and styled by Erin Loriaux.

designer Mai Vang – photo by Igor Kondrya
designer Lena Trotsko – photo by Igor Kondrya
designer Anastasia Kryukova – photo by Igor Kondrya
designer Thimoleon Rodriguez – photo by Igor Kondrya
Renaissance Fine Consignment – photo by Igor Kondrya


Hair and makeup were provided by Federico Beauty InstituteDress Barn was also present with a booth and showcased looks from their current collection for the everyday woman.


Thank you to Jody Collins, Migle Watson, Rachel Cropley, Emily Sarah, AJ Spencer and all the independent Hair and Makeup stylist that provided extra support backstage.


Showcase host Veronica Castro with SACFW production crew – photo by Igor Kondrya

Check out more pictures from the showcase on our facebook page click here

Hair Trend of 2016

Written by Chua Xiong –

With 2016 full in swing, mermaids and unicorn hair styles are appearing everywhere. Where did they come from? The finest hair salons located right here in Sacramento California.  An interview with a local hairdresser, Mone’t Ha-Sidi, gave us an inside scoop about that hair life, and which hairstyle is currently trending right now.

870a4c_5c44c719fe4c4a1ba270ab4eb7011ff3Ha-Sidi has been in the hair industry for twelve years, and is currently doing hair at Couture Cuts She revealed to us that it is crucial to keep up with popular styles by continuing education. Ha-Sidi has taken courses locally and also in London and New York to sharpen her skills. She loves her job because of the experience of gaining and maintaining close relationships with her clients. Her passion for hair has influenced many of her clients to even pursue a career as a hairstylist themselves.

Now, for big question …  Which hairstyle is in right now? Ha-Sidi stated, “I think right now there is a definite shift towards embracing natural texture in the hair, and experimenting more with color—especially with fantasy shades.”

There you have it, Sacramento! Fantasy shades are totally hot right now. Check out these cool hairstyles here in Sacramento.

mermaid purple


ombre amethyst

ombre fire red

mermaid blue

unicorn hot pinkyellow

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Gemy Gowns by A. Pheleita Photography

Written by Kristine Untalan –

Hello beautiful people! I had the honor of talking to Allison Pheleita of A. Pheleita Photography and got the inside scoop on her “Gemy Gowns” photoshoot.


First and foremost, not only has Sacramento based Allison Pheleita been making her mark as a photographer, you can also add model and photo retoucher to the list of why she’s the definition of GOALS. With Allison’s take on natural light and creative photography, it gives her photos this massive appeal and really sets her work to another level. Her specialties have grown to include fashion, editorials, beauty, and lifestyle. In other words, everything we could have only hope for!


For this shoot, Allison collaborated with Coachellove, a local jewelry company, to create their new line. The amazing gowns were done by LA designer, Gemy Maalouf, that came into place and became the whole inspiration and concept. After getting the team together who consisted of Leah Morris Balsamo with JE Models, Jasmine Cardenas for MUA, Angel Garcia for hair, Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas of Flourish Flowers, they were ready to start making art.

Shooting local at the Warehouse Artist Lofts here in Sacramento, they played with the different accents of colors and spaces within the loft for each of the dresses. You can definitely see how the backgrounds fit each gown as the green lace gown fit with the soft green wall and the futuristic mural went hand in hand with the black high slit lace gown. The studio space with the unique shade of blue complements the long red laced gown so well and the flower arrangements made such a nice touch.



Professional Headshot Clinic

Oscar Vasquez Photography
Oscar Vasquez Photography

Written by Duane Ram –

In this current age of selfies and social media fame.  Everyone with a camera seems to claim to be a photographer.  With the advancement of technology, a simple filter or a quick edit can make most images look like they were shot by a professional.  These images are both creative and fun, but if your looking to use them in your portfolio as a professional model they may not pass the industry professionals.

Frans Loriaux Photography
Frans Loriaux Photography

If your paying someone to shoot your headshot, be sure to check out their website and see how they shoot.  Know the difference between a fashion and a commercial shoot.  Depending upon the industry, the style and current trends can change.  Do your own research and come prepared for the shoot.

Oscar Vasquez Photography
Oscar Vasquez Photography

Models and actors tend to be the group most associated with needing headshots. However, there are differences between the two, as well as within commercial and theatrical types.  A professional photographer should have a clear idea about the markets in which the actor or model is looking to work. If they are aiming for multiple specific markets, it is advisable to create a different headshot for each.  Commercial headshots on the other hand should have as broad an appeal as possible, while also taking into consideration the subject’s niche. The shot should appeal to the potential roles and jobs within that market.  An attractive but not overdone model flashing a bright smile  –  taken from “What’s the Difference Between Actor, Model & Business Headshots?” Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team

Lisa Hansen photographer
Lisa Hansen photographer

On Sunday June 26 photographers David Alvarez, Robin Hagy, Oscar Vasquez and Frans Loriaux will be holding a photo-shoot session for models, actors, business reps, and anybody else wanting a professional headshot done.  This is a one of kind event that professional models and actors in LA and New York pay hundreds of dollars for to shoot with one photographer.


David Alvarez is a professional photographer that also contributes as writer for the Sacramento Press.  Alvarez specializes in Weddings, Engagements and Maternity photography.  He has been an event photographer for Sacramento Fashion Week since 2011.

Robin Hagy enjoys capturing those unexpected moments, while bringing personalities to life.   Hagy’s specialty is photographing pets, children and families in natural lighting.

Oscar Vasquez specializes in Wedding and Fashion photography.  His objective is to capture the feeling of a moment, and never to force it into something artificial.

Frans Willem Loriaux II started as a model and is able to connect and relate that knowledge with models from behind the camera.  He specializes in Fashion and runway photography shooting runway shows from Sacramento to Paris.

DMR photography
DMR photography

These four professional photographers will have their own station, and clients will be photographed by each photographer (15-20min). Clients will receive 3 digital full resolution files of the edited/retouched headshots from each photographer, giving you 12 shots from 4 different styles from one event. This gives you variety, a chance to work with different photographers, and to practice your modeling as well.
RSVP tickets only available online through eventbrite.  Click here !!

Headshots fee: $120 per client
Makeup artist and hair stylist: $40

Turnaround for photos will be 21 days and under.
Questions, contact Frans Willem Loriaux II via FB or F.Loriaux@gmail.com