House of Alexandria von Bromssen


Alexandria von Bromssen’s line, House of AvB, was created in 2008, celebrating an endogenous style of fashion, catering to both men and women.  Hailing from Sweden, Alexandria first entered the fashion world modeling throughout Italy, Spain, Greece, and Australia.   She later fell in love with designing and holds a Masters of Arts Degree from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.  Currently based in the San Francisco/Bay Area, she opened her Red Square Boutique in 2010, which also serves double-duty for her Camp Couture, a children’s sewing camp. Aside from all this, she is probably best known for being runner-up on Season 12 of Project Runway.  She was definitely one of the most popular and talented contestants the series has ever had.  One of her many current projects includes giving back to the community at large and nurturing less privileged youths by exposing them to discovering creative joys through the beauty of fashion and design.  It’s clear that the doctrine of creating our own destiny is what has taken her to where she is today.

Alexandria von Bromssen presented her 2017 Winter/Fall Collection at SACFW this past February, where she also included and featured young designers from Camp Couture.   Alexandria has traveled the globe three-times over, from the Egyptian pyramids to scaling the peak of Kilimanjaro, finding haven in natural vortexes.  All of these organic energies are clearly being channeled through her latest design collection.  They are both tortured yet romantic; both organic and otherworldly; both feral and raw, yet exquisite in every divine detail.  Earth, water, fire, and air are all represented in a mastery of illusion.

Camp Couture designs made by the kids wearing them 8 Year old Clara started the show wearing a tinker bell costume photography by Igor Kondrya
Camp Couture designs made by the kids wearing them
8 Year old Clara started the show wearing a tinker bell costume
Photography by Igor Kondrya


Photography by Igor Kondrya


Alexandria von Bromssen Winter Fall Collection
Alexandria von Bromssen 2017 Winter/Fall Collection
Photography by Igor Kondrya

It’s probably no coincidence that she believes in equality for all, and relishes in the diversities of all.  The presentation was titled – A Twisted Fairy Tale.  Best be described as a mad genius mash-up of American Horror Story, meets Snow White, or even The Adams Family, meets Chronicles of Narnia.

photography by Igor Kondrya
Photography by Igor Kondrya


Designer Alexandria von Bromssen
Designer Alexandria von Bromssen
Photography by Igor Kondrya


SACFW 2017 in Review


The anticipation and allure behind this year’s Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) events could be felt throughout the damp cold Sacramento air for weeks leading up to the grand events. So many long hours of planning, preparation, and practice, ready to come together for the grand reveal–a showcase presenting the direction of Sacramento runway and ready-to-wear fashion for 2017.

Designer Yennie Zhou in collobration with Ettores Photographer Mark Gunter
Designer Yennie Zhou in collaboration with Ettorie’s European Bakery & Restaurant
Photographer Mark Gunter

From avant garde collaborations between talented designer Yennie Zhou and one of Sacramento’s finest bakeries, Ettorie’s European Bakery & Restaurant, to chic and sexy Amoirai bathing suits ready to walk off the runway, there was something captivating for everyone to enjoy.

​AMOIRAI​ Swimwear ​​by​ ​Mary Moehring Photography by Alena v Melnik
AMOIRAI Swimwear by Mary Moehring
Photography by Alena v Melnik


Backstage Photographer Jonathan Ricardo
Photographer Jonathan Ricardo

Now that we can say farewell to the residual specks of glitter found in random places, and scroll through the numerous selfies and group photos taken each day (deleting those embarrassing accidental candids) we have a chance to reflect on all the excitement from the week of February 19th to February 25th, 2017. A week chalked full of tremendous talent and dedication. A week of Sacramento’s finest in fashion coming together to show off their best.

miss velvet cream collection


Authentic Queens Boutique Photography by Igor Kondrya
Authentic Queens Boutique
Photography by Igor Kondrya


DMR Photography
Boutique Showcase host Bridgette Loriaux looks on as model struts down the runway
DMR Photography

SACFW 2017 started off the week with the Boutique showcase at one of Sacramento’s largest and most historic venues, the Sacramento Masonic Temple on J Street. Following the opening night were some intriguing and informative events.  On Monday, the Art Institute of California – Sacramento hosted and the students of the Institute produced the Fashion Forum which featured six industry guest speakers.

Photography by Igor Kondrya
top from left SACFW producer Duane Ram, guest speakers Gerry Simpson, Tim Engle and forum host Veronica Castro
Seated from left guest speakers Debbie O’Hearn, Felicia Strati and Seana Brooks
Photography by Igor Kondrya


Barbizon Instructor Marizela Huseinovic Photography by Igor Kondrya
Barbizon Instructor Marizela Huseinovic (photo right)
Photography by Igor Kondrya

On Tuesday, newbie models had the chance to receive one-on-one training at the free Model Boot Camp held at Barbizon of Sacramento.  Lluvy Gomez from America’s Next Top Model came out to support and walk for designer Janelle Cardenas at the Fashion On Film event held at Beatnik Studios on Thursday.

Photography by Igor Kondrya
Fashion On Film Event
Photography by Igor Kondrya

This year, the Emerging Designer Showcase was presented by the Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown-Arena.  The ballroom of the Holiday Inn was twice the size of last year’s venue.

Photography by Henry Huynh
Designer Oxana Artemencova
Photography by Henry Huynh


Photography by Henry Huynh
(left image) Designer Lacey Taylor (right images) Designer Jannette Goss
Photography by Henry Huynh

However, when it comes to outdoing a past venue in size, the final two days definitely took the cake. The historic and soon-to-be completely renovated Sacramento Railyards building that housed the final runway showcases was at least four times the size of the warehouse off Richards Boulevard where SACFW 2016 was held. The huge exposed building, although chilly, was intoxicating to be in. You couldn’t help but imagine the history hidden in the rusted railings and expanse of brick walls.

Guest start arriving down the red carpet Photography by Henry Huynh
Guest start arriving down the red carpet
Photography by Henry Huynh


Dress display featuring creations by designer Yennie Zhou and dresses from Queens Chair Mannequins provided by the Fashion Department of San Joaquin Delta Collage Photography by Henry Huynh
Dress display featuring creations by designer Yennie Zhou & dresses from Queens Chair & designer Karisa Gold
Mannequins provided by the Fashion Department of San Joaquin Delta College
Photography by Henry Huynh


Models in O'Blanc file down the runway Photography by Henry Huynh
Models of O’Blanc filed down the 70ft runway at the Railyards
Photography by Henry Huynh

Project Runway Designer, Alexandria von Bromssen closed out the showcases for 2017 featuring international model Rain Dove and Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s in her line up.

Jane Wiedlin commands the stage in designer Aalexandria von Bromssen Photography by Henry Huynh
Jane Wiedlin commands the stage in designer Alexandria von Bromssen
Photography by Henry Huynh


Designer Alexandria von Bromssen takes a bow closing out the showcases for 2017 Photography by Jonathan Ricardo
Designer Alexandria von Bromssen takes a bow closing out the showcases for 2017
Photography by Jonathan Ricardo

It’s so exciting to see Sacramento fashion growing exponentially each year, even bringing out local celebrities like Sacramento Kings Players Willie Cauley-Stein and Ben McLemore.  With the continued collaboration and support of various local businesses and new sponsors like Monster Energy Drink and Boss Lash Club, SACFW along with various community events like it will continue to grow.

As things can now return to normal for everyone who came out, behind the scenes, the plans for 2018 are already in the works. Who knows what SACFW 2018 will bring to the table, but you can be sure it will be bigger and better. Stay on the feed and don’t miss out on the happenings leading up to it, you won’t want to be left out.

That Dress

Henry Huynh - SacFW 2017 Saturday-570
Lisa Gonzales in a dress by O’Blanc and jewelry by Atzi Designs (Martiza Regalado)
with producers Ryan Brough (left) and Duane Ram (right) in jackets by Prince Singh
picture by Henry Huynh

We were excited to have KCRA 3 anchor Lisa Gonzales return and host not one, but both the 2017 Spring Summer showcase and 2017 Fall Winter showcases.  The last time Lisa was a part of the production was in 2015 when she hosted the Fall Winter Showcase held at the California Automobile Museum.

Lisa at SACFW2015 in a dress from Mrs D’s Fashion Boutique

For 2017 with the Friday and Saturday designer showcases held at the historic Sacramento Railyardswe wanted to mix her into a showcase of her own and ended up with 12 wardrobe changes.  Six per night with dresses from Lisa’s own closet as well as pieces from our showcasing designers.  Here are some of the top picks styled and accessorized by SACFW production stylist Erin Loriaux.

Dress by designer Anastasia Kryukova picture by Igor Kondrya

This red dress was pulled from Lisa’s closet, which went well with the ambiance of the venue.

Photography by Igor Kondrya

The short blue dress was pulled from stylist Erin Loriaux personal collection, and the purple dress on the right is from Prince Singh Collection designed by his wife Preet Ahluwalia.

Lisa 03
picture left by Mark Gunter picture right by Igor Kondryaz


The Sacramento Women’s Expo 2016

The Sacramento Women’s Expo produced Event Show Pro is one of many events created by Karie Robinson.  The other events include the Kids Expo CaliforniaLuxury Wedding Shows and the Ultimate Bridal Shows which also happens in other cities throughout Northern California.


After producing so many well-attended events targeting only a small niche of women Karie sought after creating an event that could help a larger market of women and that’s when the Sacramento Women’s Expo was born.  To REBUILDREJUVENATE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER the lives of women in the community.


The Sacramento Women’s Expo currently runs one full day, but it was jam-packed with a variety of actives.   They ranged from Workshops and Demonstrations tailored to women’s needs partnered with a Fun, Entertaining, and Shopping atmosphere.


This year Sacramento Fashion Week joined the activities with a specially created backdrop by SACFW production designer Yennie Zhou

Designer Yennie Zhou (center) with production assistant Jaz Butler (left) and Robert Best (Advantage Presentation Services)

The showcase titled the Working Woman closed out the Expo featuring Mai Vang, Anastasia Kryukova, Lena Trotsko, Thimoleon Rodriguez and Renaissance Fine Consignment with looks pulled and styled by Erin Loriaux.

designer Mai Vang – photo by Igor Kondrya
designer Lena Trotsko – photo by Igor Kondrya
designer Anastasia Kryukova – photo by Igor Kondrya
designer Thimoleon Rodriguez – photo by Igor Kondrya
Renaissance Fine Consignment – photo by Igor Kondrya


Hair and makeup were provided by Federico Beauty InstituteDress Barn was also present with a booth and showcased looks from their current collection for the everyday woman.


Thank you to Jody Collins, Migle Watson, Rachel Cropley, Emily Sarah, AJ Spencer and all the independent Hair and Makeup stylist that provided extra support backstage.


Showcase host Veronica Castro with SACFW production crew – photo by Igor Kondrya

Check out more pictures from the showcase on our facebook page click here

Model Profile: Rachel Anastasia Santiago

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Our 10th Anniversary events this year featured 5 showcases. That is the most we have ever had. They included a Boutique Showcase, a Fashion On Film Showcase, an Emerging Next Showcase, a Spring/Summer Showcase and our finale Fall/Winter Showcase. Rachel Anastasia Santiago quickly rose through the ranks of new models that joined the production last year to participating in multiple showcases which included 4 Boutiques. Sei Bella Boutique, Rire Boutique, Neetu Fashions and Identity Boutique. Rachel was also selected by our official event photographer Igor Kondrya and the event producer Duane Ram for one of three model profile films, that was featured at the Fashion On Film event. To top the week off, Rachel also participated in the designer showcases and walked for designers Amal Iqbal, Rachel Lewis and France Wright.

Q: Tell us about your first fashion runway experience.
A: I started out focused more on film work which lead me into runway modeling slightly unexpectedly. My first runway experience was when I was seventeen. I was working on set with a film project that my uncle was directing in LA. During a social event after shooting I was approached by a local designer in LA who was putting on a showcase the following weekend. My uncle approved of it, and made sure I got to the fitting and was shown what I would need to do. That weekend I did my work on the catwalk for the first time and I have been in love with it ever since.

Q: How did you get introduced to Sac Fashion Week?
A: Over the years I have spent a great deal of time modeling all over California. Last year, a friend of mine and model told me that I should go to the open call and try out for Sacramento Fashion Week. Of course I had already heard amazing things about it before; and I had always wanted to be a part of it. So I took a shot, and I was selected. I had a blast, and was offered a chance to come back again this year. Which was incredibly exciting!

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Q: This year marks Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) 10th Anniversary. Do you have a favorite designer from our past showcases?
A: My two favorite designers that have shown at SACFW are Michael Kouris and Vasily Vein. Both of them are absolutely phenomenal designers who push limits and come up with very elegant and edgy looks. They create dresses that draw the eyes, and inspire you as a model. Just really beautiful.

Q: What was your day like as a model during out 10th anniversary showcases?
A: The day usually starts out the same as most shows. Even though the showcase are in the evening we are there at 10AM for hair and makeup. There is this sort of underlying feeling of the calm before the storm. I show up in plain face, casual clothes, and meet my hair and makeup crew. There is a lot of downtime waiting. Photographers have little studios setup backstage were we rotate through taking some quick thinking shots. There is a lunch break at 1PM and then rehearsals start at 3PM. Once hair and makeup is complete; it’s time to get dressed. So the team helps me put on each piece for one more last minute fitting. It’s always a bit tricky because you can’t mess up that amazing hair and makeup. Then the time comes. The butterflies are in your stomach. They’ve been building all day long, and this is the part that I like. The rush right before the lights when I make that first step on the stage in front of the world; wearing a beautiful line of clothing that inspires me to do my best as a model, and that I know is inspiring the audience to feel emotions, and deliberate and imagine. During the show it’s just so much fun its almost indescribable, and then once its finished, and we have taken the final walk down the stage with designer and returned there is the incredible feeling of confidence, and gratefulness for being picked to represent that line and that designer. It’s always kind of sad when it’s over.

Oscar Vasquez Photography
Retrospect Vintage Fashion – Oscar Vasquez Photography

Q: Who’s your favorite model and why?
A: There are SO many to choose from, but I think if I had to pick from my top three I would go with Linda Evangelista. She is so incredibly beautiful. She has so many different looks and can literally pull of any style of hair or clothing. She has those eyes that just pop on camera, and a gorgeous figure for clothing and runway.

Q: What would you say is your personal style?
A: My personal style I think is vintage but edgy. I like the look and feel of tight fitting outfits and dresses. I love showing my figure and putting on something sexy and eye catching. But I also love the gorgeous, glittering and beaded looks of the 1920’s and the 1930s. When I go out to formal events I love to dress in glamor; gloves, gowns, etc. My style is very much a mix between Dita Von Teese and Sophia Loren.

Q: Who did you look up to when you were younger?
A: When I was younger I looked up to my uncle Roy Unger. He is an absolutely fantastic director, animator and cinematographer. He has worked on many very large projects in Hollywood. He is really the reason I was introduced to the fashion and film scene to begin with, and he was always very supportive of me and kept me inspired by how hard he pushed and worked. I can’t even keep up with him. His new projects that he has been working on, especially in animation, are unbelievably good.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Q: What inspires you?
A: What inspires me is the art and effect of fashion, and sometimes the dark and ominous way it presents itself. Like a living piece of art; the models become a picturesque moment in time with each photo and each step down the runway. A tangible splinter of framed beauty that will never change or wilt or grow old from that moment; and yet has the ability to inspire and bring emotion to the world beyond itself. Every time I see the world of fashion producing its art for the world. Exhibiting its power as the conductor of the trending and ever-changing world; I often times find myself both in awe, and humbled to think that so few people like us, all of us in fashion, are able to create such ripples of change daily in our world. That is what inspires me.

Q: What do you do on your free time?
A: There is so much. Literally never a dull moment because I like to stay busy if I can. I am a total nerd. I am a big fan of video games and comic book heroes. I will totally defeat anyone on Halo! I love to cook. I can make amazing dishes and I find it’s a great relief of stress to create a great meal that’s enjoyed by everyone. I go to the gym several times a week; When there is nothing else going on; I am always down to go out and get drinks, socialize and dance. Make a wild night of it! If all else fails, I just relax at home and watch TV shows or read. I love some of the Netflix originals, classic movies and musicals.

Zuyimi Photography
Neetu Sfashion – Zuyimi Photography

Q: What are your thoughts of the production compared to other productions you have been involved with?
A: I had an absolute blast being a part of the ten year anniversary of Sacramento Fashion Week from beginning to end. I loved it, and it was even bigger than last year; and I was so blessed to have been able to participate in not just the modeling but in several aspects of the production process this year. Even during the earlier stages of development last year. I do a lot of modeling and runway work for charity shows and such in LA. But this one meant a lot because there were so many personal friends and close acquaintances that were involved in the show this year. So I felt much more of a responsibility to make sure I was on top of my game and putting out one hundred and ten percent, not just for me, but for them as well. There were so many venues this year, new and old. The diversity was incredible in and of itself; and was literally breathtaking to be a part of on stage. The lines were gorgeous, all of them. It was really inspiring and everyone came together through this and really made the whole process very friendly; like a family really by the time it was done. I made a lot of new friends this year, and really cemented friendships with a lot of people from the year before. It was amazing.

Q: What is your advice to young girls and boys wanting to be in this industry?
A: Always keep your focus. From the moment you decide to make this passion your career, live it, never give up, and always keep a strong positive mental outlook on things. It’s difficult sometimes to do that. It’s very important to be realistic about what it takes to be in this industry, but I truly believe that if you put your efforts in the right places with smart and courageous choices; you will come out where you want to be or even further. There is an old saying in Hollywood, “Always friendly. Because the person you speak with at the bottom today might end up being the person you end up looking up to or working for tomorrow.” Always treat everyone with the same respect for their passion as you would have them do for your own, and keep your focus on your goals and dreams.

Film: Igor Kondrya
Makeup: Flo Ayala
Hair: Renne Alejandro

SACFW 2016 Emerging Next Recap

Designer Jose Rual Rosales - Kondrya Photography
Designer Jose Rual Rosales – Kondrya Photography

Written by: Johvana Flores

Beauty students and Hair stylist joined their glam squads at Federico Beauty Institute Thursday night February 25th for the Emerging Next showcase presented by the California Endowment.   The designers featured were; Hagen Valencia, Angelina Martin, Zenzele Nuru, Jose Raul Rosales, Amal Lqbal, Christy Jahlea Jahlou, Kirsi sasso, Seekham Thao, and Leo Tills.  Style’s varied from fancy to funky, street style,exotic wear to colorful, and overall unique.  These emerging designers blossomed into the spotlight.

Oscar Vasquez Photography
Designer Jose Rual Rosales – Oscar Vasquez Photography


Don’t the models look exquisite on the runway with their sleek moves and divine gowns?

Emerging Next Showcase

Designer Hagen Valencia - Jaime Urquizo Photography
Designer Hagen Valencia – Jaime Urquizo Photography

You’re probably thinking, “wow, male models at the show too?” Yes indeed and they did a great job at it. The look was structural and incorporated color blocking. I also enjoyed the outlining of the clothing giving it a pop art feel.

Designer Christy Jahlea Jahlou - Oscar Vasquez Photography
Designer Christy Jahlea Jahlou – Oscar Vasquez Photography

When viewing this particular design coming down the runway I thought “dreams do come true!”  The finally ended with women wearing exotic dresses, not something you can just go by at the mall. Definitely one of a kind and definitely the magnum opus of finales.

Zuyimi Photography
Zuyimi Photography

There were so many beautiful professional models so I was inspired to interview a few of the models.
Q: How did it feel modeling?
A: I was nervous of course, but I think I looked good (starts laughing).
Q: Did you like what you were modeling?
A: Yeah I did, it’s not something I usually wear but I still liked it. It shows a different side of me I didn’t know I had!
Q: How long have you been modeling?
A: I’ve always wanted to model since I was little, but I’m glad that after high school I got the opportunity to do this kind of thing. I really want to continue.
Q:Who was your favorite designer?
A: I would say Angelina Martin, it was unique and exiting for me.

Designer Angelina Martin - Nick Sharples Photography
Designer Angelina Martin – Nick Sharples Photography

SACFW 2016 Rehearsal


Today at the was Sacramento Fashion Week’s last rehearsal before day one of events. At the Auto Museum, models practiced their walks and the crew prepped backstage spaces to host some of the most influential designers both local and abroad. Wondering which day to attend? Why not the kickoff! It begins tomorrow at 4pm followed by the boutique fashion show at 6pm. For more information, please visit our list of events here. See you there.


The Wide Lense: Igor Kondrya

Q & A with High Fashion Photographer Igor Kondrya

By: Nina Wilson


Sacramento’s Fashion Week is right around the corner so we took a couple of minutes to sit down with leading photographer Igor Kondrya to get to know him and find out how he has gotten the privilege be apart of such an amazing event. He also gives advice to other aspiring photographers and models to help them make their dreams come true.


Q: Every artist has a story pertaining to why they have decided to pursue their chosen craft and yours is photography. Can you tell me why you have decided to pursue a career in photography? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A: As a kid growing up, ironically, I really disliked be photographed but I was always curious about being the photographer. After learning more and more, I remember realizing that photographs can freeze a moment in time. They can bring back so much emotions from a special or bad day. Once I understood how the camera worked and what it could do for people, I knew that photography was for me. Because I am a very quite person, the idea that my can work can visually speak for itself was also quite appealing to me.

Modeling for Anastasia Sergeevna Kryukova

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A: I get my inspiration from my surroundings, the family that I was blessed with, and my friends. There’s a saying, “surround yourself with great people, and greatness will surround you.” I truly believe in that. Music and art also play a vital role in my life. I attend art events, there’s a lot to learn from different types of art styles, I always strive to capture something different and exciting. This drive to find and then showcase unique perspectives is what keeps me inspired to grow. My advice to photographers is to find what inspires you and chase it, never wait to be inspired.


Q: From what I have discovered about you is that you are a well seasoned photographer! You have been a leading photographer for Sacramento’s fashion week in the past and are the leading photographer for Sacramento’s fashion week again this year. What an amazing accomplishment! What do you love about being a  recurring photographer for a huge show like this?

A: In 2011, I was introduced to Duane Ram, the director of SACFW and that’s when I really delved into the world of Fashion. What I love most about this opportunity is the photographers that I get to meet, learning about the different styles that each of them bring is what makes this event very special. The networking opportunities and the fact that it brings people in the industry together is just the kind of place I feel I thrive in.


Q: Outside of shooting in the fashion industry what are some other areas that you like to photograph?

A: I mostly find myself photographing weddings; that’s where most of my clients come from. Secondly are portraits. Portraits can be challenging as each person has an idea of what they look like and I want to show them how my skills can make their dreams into reality. Putting both of our ideas together to make something great is extremely rewarding. I not only do professional portraits but family portraits.  This is my personal  favorite thing to do. Capturing those special moments of a growing family is so special and I always hope to give the family photos that they will treasure forever. Knowing that your work will hang on someone’s wall inside their home is priceless.

Lastly, fashion photography is where I get to showcase dynamic photographs. As you can see, having been with Sacramento Fashion Week, and various other shows I have had a lot of experience in the fashion industry. It gives me an opportunity to show my more edgy style of photographing subjects. There are so many types of photography I truly never get tired of it.



Q: There are a lot of aspiring photographers and models out there, what tips and advice would you give them in helping make their dreams come true?

A: Some advice that I would give to other photographers would be to never rush into buying equipment. Learn about your products first. Photography is a like a science. It’s not just point and shoot and your done. Learn about lighting for example. Light has varying qualities. It can be reflective and therefore just by manipulating light, you can change the entire mood or feel of a single photograph. As for the aspiring models, be prepared to wait a lot, start small and don’t expect a lot at first. Discover what type of model category you want to delve into? Editorial? Print?  Before you start anything, do you research. The more informed you are the more competitive you will be in the end.


Connect with Igor Kondrya Photography: Facebook