SACFW 2017 in Review


The anticipation and allure behind this year’s Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) events could be felt throughout the damp cold Sacramento air for weeks leading up to the grand events. So many long hours of planning, preparation, and practice, ready to come together for the grand reveal–a showcase presenting the direction of Sacramento runway and ready-to-wear fashion for 2017.

Designer Yennie Zhou in collobration with Ettores Photographer Mark Gunter
Designer Yennie Zhou in collaboration with Ettorie’s European Bakery & Restaurant
Photographer Mark Gunter

From avant garde collaborations between talented designer Yennie Zhou and one of Sacramento’s finest bakeries, Ettorie’s European Bakery & Restaurant, to chic and sexy Amoirai bathing suits ready to walk off the runway, there was something captivating for everyone to enjoy.

​AMOIRAI​ Swimwear ​​by​ ​Mary Moehring Photography by Alena v Melnik
AMOIRAI Swimwear by Mary Moehring
Photography by Alena v Melnik


Backstage Photographer Jonathan Ricardo
Photographer Jonathan Ricardo

Now that we can say farewell to the residual specks of glitter found in random places, and scroll through the numerous selfies and group photos taken each day (deleting those embarrassing accidental candids) we have a chance to reflect on all the excitement from the week of February 19th to February 25th, 2017. A week chalked full of tremendous talent and dedication. A week of Sacramento’s finest in fashion coming together to show off their best.

miss velvet cream collection


Authentic Queens Boutique Photography by Igor Kondrya
Authentic Queens Boutique
Photography by Igor Kondrya


DMR Photography
Boutique Showcase host Bridgette Loriaux looks on as model struts down the runway
DMR Photography

SACFW 2017 started off the week with the Boutique showcase at one of Sacramento’s largest and most historic venues, the Sacramento Masonic Temple on J Street. Following the opening night were some intriguing and informative events.  On Monday, the Art Institute of California – Sacramento hosted and the students of the Institute produced the Fashion Forum which featured six industry guest speakers.

Photography by Igor Kondrya
top from left SACFW producer Duane Ram, guest speakers Gerry Simpson, Tim Engle and forum host Veronica Castro
Seated from left guest speakers Debbie O’Hearn, Felicia Strati and Seana Brooks
Photography by Igor Kondrya


Barbizon Instructor Marizela Huseinovic Photography by Igor Kondrya
Barbizon Instructor Marizela Huseinovic (photo right)
Photography by Igor Kondrya

On Tuesday, newbie models had the chance to receive one-on-one training at the free Model Boot Camp held at Barbizon of Sacramento.  Lluvy Gomez from America’s Next Top Model came out to support and walk for designer Janelle Cardenas at the Fashion On Film event held at Beatnik Studios on Thursday.

Photography by Igor Kondrya
Fashion On Film Event
Photography by Igor Kondrya

This year, the Emerging Designer Showcase was presented by the Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown-Arena.  The ballroom of the Holiday Inn was twice the size of last year’s venue.

Photography by Henry Huynh
Designer Oxana Artemencova
Photography by Henry Huynh


Photography by Henry Huynh
(left image) Designer Lacey Taylor (right images) Designer Jannette Goss
Photography by Henry Huynh

However, when it comes to outdoing a past venue in size, the final two days definitely took the cake. The historic and soon-to-be completely renovated Sacramento Railyards building that housed the final runway showcases was at least four times the size of the warehouse off Richards Boulevard where SACFW 2016 was held. The huge exposed building, although chilly, was intoxicating to be in. You couldn’t help but imagine the history hidden in the rusted railings and expanse of brick walls.

Guest start arriving down the red carpet Photography by Henry Huynh
Guest start arriving down the red carpet
Photography by Henry Huynh


Dress display featuring creations by designer Yennie Zhou and dresses from Queens Chair Mannequins provided by the Fashion Department of San Joaquin Delta Collage Photography by Henry Huynh
Dress display featuring creations by designer Yennie Zhou & dresses from Queens Chair & designer Karisa Gold
Mannequins provided by the Fashion Department of San Joaquin Delta College
Photography by Henry Huynh


Models in O'Blanc file down the runway Photography by Henry Huynh
Models of O’Blanc filed down the 70ft runway at the Railyards
Photography by Henry Huynh

Project Runway Designer, Alexandria von Bromssen closed out the showcases for 2017 featuring international model Rain Dove and Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s in her line up.

Jane Wiedlin commands the stage in designer Aalexandria von Bromssen Photography by Henry Huynh
Jane Wiedlin commands the stage in designer Alexandria von Bromssen
Photography by Henry Huynh


Designer Alexandria von Bromssen takes a bow closing out the showcases for 2017 Photography by Jonathan Ricardo
Designer Alexandria von Bromssen takes a bow closing out the showcases for 2017
Photography by Jonathan Ricardo

It’s so exciting to see Sacramento fashion growing exponentially each year, even bringing out local celebrities like Sacramento Kings Players Willie Cauley-Stein and Ben McLemore.  With the continued collaboration and support of various local businesses and new sponsors like Monster Energy Drink and Boss Lash Club, SACFW along with various community events like it will continue to grow.

As things can now return to normal for everyone who came out, behind the scenes, the plans for 2018 are already in the works. Who knows what SACFW 2018 will bring to the table, but you can be sure it will be bigger and better. Stay on the feed and don’t miss out on the happenings leading up to it, you won’t want to be left out.

Fashion Forum 2017

As New York Fashion Week (NYFW) comes to an end, Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) picks up it’s heels and heads for the runway.  With the week beginning on Sunday February 19th at the Sacramento Masonic Temple.  Final preparations are being tuned for the Fashion Forum which once again is being held at the Art Institute of California – Sacramento.  This year the Art Institute is not only hosting it but the event has been incorporated into a production class who will be producing the event on Monday.  

Veronica Castro will be returning as host with a new mix of guest speakers that are a mix of new and past guest speakers. 

fashion forum2

Fashion Forum at the Art Institute


Most of us have heard the old Hollywood saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Well, the truth is, both factors hold equal accountability when searching the job market for new opportunities in the fashion industry. There is a wide range of work within the entire entertainment industry, so it is important to find out as much information as possible about all aspects of the type of work you wish to pursue. Do you wish to be in front of the camera at all? Do you want to have a manager, or be your own boss? Would you want to travel? Have you ever wanted to live in a big city? Those questions are key examples of factors to consider when determining your next big advancement in your career. Therefore, In order to advance in your field, you need more experience. In order to get more experience, you need to network with more professionals in your industry.

Photography by Duane Ram
Photography by Duane Ram

Attending Sac Fashion Week’s Fashion Forum and listening to what industry professionals have to say about their work experience is a great way to find out more information regarding potential career choices and networking opportunities. Many of the experts that are featured on the Fashion Forum panel started out in one area of the fashion industry, and then ventured off into another branch because they found new interests. They are each extremely knowledgeable about a variety of topics, and they give all attendee’s of this Fashion Forum the opportunity to ask questions, meet industry professionals, and learn more about the industry. The guest speakers that choose to participate in this event do so because they are passionate about benefiting the Sacramento community and helping others succeed by passing down extended knowledge. They understand that any person can find inspiration for their future by listening to and networking with industry professionals. All together these guest speakers have some of the most experience in this industry for the city of Sacramento, and they’re ready to help advise you about your next big career move. You have to start out by meeting with your local industry professionals in order find out more about which part of the fashion industry best suits you. Attending this Fashion Forum event could potentially lead you to a new job/internship in a direction that you never thought you would someday go toward.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

The importance of networking is crucial in this industry, and we are fortunate to have an event like this organized and held for free to the public. Headed by Duane Ram the executive director and producer of Sacramento Fashion Week, this event brought together local industry professionals that are making it happen right here at the state capital. Giving aspiring attendees their knowledge and experience to make it in the industry and further opportunities for career advancement.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

This year’s event was hosted by Model Coach/Visual Artist Gerry Simpson. Mr Simpson’s twenty plus years of experience in the industry was the prefect choice to host the evening. His energy kept the hour moving on pace.

Some of the attendees favorite discussion points were:
* We all must create our own paths for our futures in order to find success in the fashion industry.
* It is not good to compare yourself to anyone else.
* You should always aspire to find your own path to reach your personal success.
* Network with those around you and you will open yourself up to countless job opportunities.
* Shopping locally benefits the economy, especially the fashion community.
* The entire fashion industry needs more diversity.
* The benefits of setting a plan for your goals and accomplishing them.
* Make sure to help those around you by passing down knowledge and providing advice.
* Always have a smile on your face.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Each of the guest speakers came from different backgrounds, but what they each had in common was that they created their own separate paths toward pursuing their dreams. By networking with industry professionals and putting out a lot of hard work, these guest speakers were able to get to where they are today in their careers. That is why they each feel so passionate about passing down their extensive knowledge to the people of Sacramento. At the Fashion Forum they each emphasized the importance of collaboration for growth within this industry. We must be willing to learn as much as possible about our industry professionals so we can strengthen our strengths and perfect our weaknesses.

Once the forum ended every attendee was given the opportunity to network and collaborate with other leading professionals in the industry over an amazing spread of gourmet appetizers prepared by the chefs from the Catering School at the Art Institute of Sacramento.

Photography by Duane Ram
Photography by Duane Ram

Hard work creates extensive knowledge, and collaboration with the right person could make the all of the difference while searching for your next big career move. In order to find work in the entertainment industry, you must collaborate with those around you so that you can expand your knowledge of your craft. There’s always room to learn something new about what you love to do, and if you want success then you have to work hard for it. You never know when an opportunity for success will be around the corner from you, so you must always be open to new experiences and opportunities whenever they arise. Success will never come knocking at your front door, you must constantly chase after it and do everything it takes to reach your goals.