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Make-A-Wish Reveal Party

For this blog entry, we’re gonna get real. We’re going to take a moment to admire someone so strong, they’ll put most of us to shame with our daily griping about trivial things.  Sometimes we need to strip away the material and get to the bare skin truth of it all to feel something real […]

SACFW 2017 in Review

The anticipation and allure behind this year’s Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) events could be felt throughout the damp cold Sacramento air for weeks leading up to the grand events. So many long hours of planning, preparation, and practice, ready to come together for the grand reveal–a showcase presenting the direction of Sacramento runway and ready-to-wear […]

That Dress

We were excited to have KCRA 3 anchor Lisa Gonzales return and host not one, but both the 2017 Spring Summer showcase and 2017 Fall Winter showcases.  The last time Lisa was a part of the production was in 2015 when she hosted the Fall Winter Showcase held at the California Automobile Museum. For 2017 with […]

Fashion for a Cause

The Falls event center in Elk Grove had a steady stream of visitors for the Fashion Car Gala held on Sunday July 31st.  Models arrived at 10AM for hair and makeup.  Apex Barber Cosmetology Student Professional Supply  (BCSPS) provided support for hair and Alejandro’s Studio provided support for makeup with Tec Italy sponsoring product support. By […]

Fashion Car Gala 2016

This year’s Fashion Car Gala has been revamped with a new mission and a new production company.   The showcases are being produced by DMR productions headed by Duane Ram who has produced a long list of fashion showcases including Sacramento Fashion Week.  The events this year is benefiting “Joe238” an awareness film about organ […]

Professional Headshot Clinic

Written by Duane Ram – In this current age of selfies and social media fame.  Everyone with a camera seems to claim to be a photographer.  With the advancement of technology, a simple filter or a quick edit can make most images look like they were shot by a professional.  These images are both creative and fun, […]

Model Profile: Rachel Anastasia Santiago

Our 10th Anniversary events this year featured 5 showcases. That is the most we have ever had. They included a Boutique Showcase, a Fashion On Film Showcase, an Emerging Next Showcase, a Spring/Summer Showcase and our finale Fall/Winter Showcase. Rachel Anastasia Santiago quickly rose through the ranks of new models that joined the production last year […]

The Magnum Opus Dream

Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) would not be where it is today if it weren’t for Duane Mykha Ram but the idea of SACFW was originally conceived by photographer Grace Bellesteros over the summer of 2005.   She had gathered a small group of photographers, models and designers to produce a networking event that centered around a […]

SACFW 2016 Rehearsal

  Today at the was Sacramento Fashion Week’s last rehearsal before day one of events. At the Auto Museum, models practiced their walks and the crew prepped backstage spaces to host some of the most influential designers both local and abroad. Wondering which day to attend? Why not the kickoff! It begins tomorrow at 4pm […]

A Model Connection at Arden Fair

A plethora of people crowded around the runway, patiently awaiting 11 AM for Sacramento Fashion Week’s annual model casting to commence at the Arden Fair Mall.  On Saturday January 9th and Sunday January 10th, more than 250 models ranging from the ages of 16 years old to 30 years old bravely came forth to strut […]
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