Monica Buo

Monica Buo

At the age of 13, Monica Buo’s grandma began teaching Buo the basics of sewing. Ever since this introduction to sewing Buo’s heart was forever set on doing something in design. When Buo started high school, she realized that she truly wanted to go forth and pursue her passion. Buo therefore enthusiastically enrolled in all the fashion courses available at her high school. Currently furthering her passions, Buo is a student at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Sacramento, CA.

Buo-tiful Designs’s aesthetic in both street wear and special occasion, is feminine and fun. It is a top priority to Bou to make garments that help make women 16-30 feel exquisite. This season’s collection is filled with street wear items that incorporate denim and African prints.  This SACFW 2103 show is Buo-tiful Designs 3rd fashion show. Since her grandmother’s passing, design has become more special and important to Buo. “When I design I feel as if my grandma is right next me.” The SACFW 2013 designer collection was made with both devotion and passion that is evident in every aspect of the designs.


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