Mai Vang

20MAIV is quickly becoming known for her sporty, yet stylish, ready-to-wear women’s fashion. MAIV is prepared to bring a new finesse to her Fall/Winter 2016 line at Sacramento Fashion Week. After a very successful showing at the previous Sacramento Fashion Week, where she coupled her Hmong heritage with modern color-blocking, she also emphasized the feminine physique with softer, flowing silhouettes at Vancouver Fashion Week. “I’ve showed the bold and soft side of me, now, I’d like to emerge those two, and go a little out of my comfort zone while still embracing the simple and classic form,” says Mai. MAIV is grateful for the opportunity to have shown at both Sacramento and Vancouver Fashion Week (her first international stage). Having been selected to present her clothes among so many talented designers is quite the honor, she says. She’s always revving up her sewing machine to create MAIV that is wearable, comfortable, and trendy.

In her 2015 fall collection expect pure, simplistic style, modern edge and an intense primary hues. Her designs take on loose fitting silhouettes, relaxed, comfort and mobility garments. Playing with fabrics such as cotton, polyester and jersey is her expertise. With a careful hand and an eye for tailoring Mai hopes to create a fashion house that will continue as a legacy “No matter what age you claim, there’s always an infinite way of looking chic.” -Mai Vang