Kimberly Eanes

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“Kimberly Dawn Eanes is a Sacramento-based contemporary women’s fashion designer. Kimberly’s focus is making the wearer feel beautiful. She believes that fashion can be transformative. When a woman puts on a garment that she truly loves, that actually represents what she is trying to tell the world about herself and completely transforms and empowers her, fashion becomes the ART of self-expression. She makes clothes for the confident, yet spirited urban women. In February 2015, Kimberly debuted her Spring/Summer collection “La Fleur Noir” at Sacramento Fashion Week. In the spring of 2015, Kimberly worked for San Francisco-based designer and Project Runway Season 13 Semi-Finalist Emily Payne. In May 2015, Kimberly earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design/Visual Merchandising at the International Academy of Design & Technology. In May 2015, Kimberly, along with her business partner and fellow SACFW designer, Karisa Gold, became 1 of 6 finalists among 33 applicants in Downtown Sacramento Partnership’s “Calling All Dreamers” Business contest for their concept: “The Workspace: Fashion Incubator.” ,The Workspace’s mission is to unite ¬†and empower Sacramento’s local fashion community & help all fashion-related creatives find their voice. This year, Kimberly is proud to showcase her new Spring/Summer collection:”Le Nouveau de Soleil: A New Sun”