Fashion Forum 2018

There have been a number changes happening this year and one of them was the fashion forum.  Usually starting off the week.  This year the forum was moved to Tuesday now hosted at the COWO Campus.  It’s also being produced this year by the Student Fashion Association of Sacramento State University.  

Panel guest speakers will be as follows;

Chandra Bourne – Owner of Cast Images—a full-service licensed talent agency representing models, actors, and kids (est. 1991.) She opened the agency after working as a professional model and actress in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, and Milan.  

Amie Downing – a design team leader at Paul Mitchell the School at MTI College.  Working at Paul Mitchell, she strives to educate and inspire future professionals to follow their dreams.

Dr.Dong Shen – a Fashion Merchandising and Design Faculty Advisor at Sacramento State University.

Kuks (Prince) Singh – an award-winning international photographer and fashion designer.  He is now also the Founder and Creative Director of COWO Campus, a new shared office-space facility for the creative community within Sacramento.

Morgen Marie – an Instagram (IG) star and model who is known for her variety of unique modeling content, and her involvement as an activist for a variety of causes.  With 128,000+ followers on IG alone, she has turned her social media presence into a thriving business.  

Tim Engle – Sacramento commercial photographer and native, Tim Engle cultivated a passion for photography in his early teens and has since successfully turned that love into a successful business.  Tim has been a part of the Sacramento Fashion Week photography team since 2012.

Model Profile – Emily Pashenee

SACFW 2015
Designer: Mai Vang
Model: Emily Pashenee-Model
Makeup: Jasmine Cardenas Make-up
Hair: Allure Salon and Spa

Sacramento Fashion Week has become the biggest fashion showcasing events in Northern California and it’s no surprise that it is one of the first shows a lot of new models walk in for the first time.  From the hundreds of models that audition about 200 get booked for one of the 4 days of showcases that week.  Some booking multiple days.  Emily Pashenee was one of those models.

Q: Tell us about your first fashion runway experience?  
A: My first fashion runway experience was actually Sacramento Fashion Week.  I was 13 years old and I was terrified. I was the youngest one there and I had very little experience, but somehow I ended up walking the glass
 runway in a finale piece by designer Jesus Medrano. I was extremely happy that I did not break the glass runway.  I met some other models who were around my age (Brianna Staffler, Lily Matamoros) and we kind of became the baby squad because we were so much younger than everyone else. They made me feel less nervous.

SACFW 2014
Designer: Jesus Medrano
Model: Emily Pashenee-Model
Makeup: Jasmine Cardenas Make-up
Hair: Allure Salon and Spa
Glenn Jones/Ikona Photography

Q: That show with the glass runway was a few years back.  How did you get introduced to the production?
A: I got introduced to the Sac Fashion Week through Michael Lockett, one of the first photographers I started working with. We were doing a shoot one day and he kept telling me I have to go try for it, so I found out when the casting was and I did it.

Q: Do you have a favorite local designer?
A: Yes I do !! Her name is Yennie Zhou.  Her designs are extremely high fashion and ever since I first saw her models walking around at my first Sac Fashion Week, I wanted to be one of them. To this day I’m pretty sure I would do just about anything to walk for Yennie.

Q: Who’s your favorite model and why? 
: My favorite model is Candice Swanepoel because she’s one of the most iconic models out there in my opinion, she’s been the face of almost every high-end brand you can think of.  When I think fashion, her face comes to mind.

SACFW 2014 Boutique Showcase
Model: Emily Pashenee-Model
Makeup: Jasmine Cardenas Make-up
Hair: Allure Salon and Spa
Kondrya Photography

Q: What would you say is your personal style?
A: My personal style is most definitely Barbie on a budget.  I really love looking put together and having a clean cut outfit, as well as having my hair and makeup done.  I primarily shop at Ross but whenever I tell someone that they never believe me.

Q: Who did you look up to when you were younger?
A: When I was younger I looked up to more of an idea rather than a person.  I really loved the idea of people being unapologetically themselves and not being ashamed. I used to be very self-conscious of my height and how small I was.  I really just wanted to be happy in my own body.  Modeling gave to me.

SACFW 2016
Designer: Eshonna Trice
Model: Emily Pashenee-Model
Makeup: Jasmine Cardenas Make-up
Hair: Allure Salon and Spa
Kondrya photography

Q: Where do you see yourself going in this industry?
A: I  would like to be signed by a big agency and hopefully be the next Candice Swanepoel.  The odds may be slim so I am working hard in school to make sure I have a backup plan.

Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: In my free time I primarily play with makeup, I’ve been told a few times that I should start a blog and share tips on my makeup and fashion but I am not sure, I’m kind of too scared to do that.

Q: What is your advice to young girls and boys wanting to be in this industry?
A: My advice is to be genuine. And if it is real modeling YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR ANYTHING. I see so many younger girls wanting to model so bad but they end up wearing their own clothes and paying for shoots themselves.  The only time you do that is if you need to update your portfolio. Also to understand different types of modeling for different types of people is key. There are models for everything, it is just a matter of finding the right fit and type for you.

New York Fashion Week : Who We’re Watching | Jeremy Scott

New York fashion week kicked off .. did you miss it?. Hashtag Front row goals, “who’s wearing what?” and “who’s where?” isn’t all anyone’s talking about; the designers are gave us exactly what we needed with star-studded front rows to high profile models on the runway in eye-catching and breathtaking clothes. We’re going to be highlighting some of our favorite standouts from NYFW and showcasing some trends as well. Find out who we’re watching.

Graphic prints, exaggerated silhouettes, these are few of the many things we know and love about Jeremy Scott. His SS18 runway show at New York fashion week did nothing less than deliver!

Campy and Bold 90’s inspired fabrics; neons, sequins, and fishnets, Jeremy Scott’s spring-summer 2018 collection is anything but subtle. In contrast, makeup was subdued, models had flawless iridescent skin and hair was either pinned straight and down the middle or pulled tightly back in a high pony. We’re obsessing over the cropped tops, touches of camouflage and yes, even the fanny pack is making a return.

The look juxtaposes punk meets streetwear, meets raver-night owl. Combat boots also made a big cameo. Freedom to mix prints is highly encouraged here with lace, leather, snakeskin, denim, camouflage, and sequins. We’re having a 90’s revival and loving it!

Need inspiration? Here are some Polyvore looks to ignite ideas for what to wear and how to incorporate trends inspired by Jeremy Scott. Have fun!


Jeremy Scott RTW SS18 Video
WWD | NYFW SS18 Jeremy Scott Review

NYFW Highlight | NY TIMES
NYFW SS18 Full Designer Schedule

House of Alexandria von Bromssen


Alexandria von Bromssen’s line, House of AvB, was created in 2008, celebrating an endogenous style of fashion, catering to both men and women.  Hailing from Sweden, Alexandria first entered the fashion world modeling throughout Italy, Spain, Greece, and Australia.   She later fell in love with designing and holds a Masters of Arts Degree from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.  Currently based in the San Francisco/Bay Area, she opened her Red Square Boutique in 2010, which also serves double-duty for her Camp Couture, a children’s sewing camp. Aside from all this, she is probably best known for being runner-up on Season 12 of Project Runway.  She was definitely one of the most popular and talented contestants the series has ever had.  One of her many current projects includes giving back to the community at large and nurturing less privileged youths by exposing them to discovering creative joys through the beauty of fashion and design.  It’s clear that the doctrine of creating our own destiny is what has taken her to where she is today.

Alexandria von Bromssen presented her 2017 Winter/Fall Collection at SACFW this past February, where she also included and featured young designers from Camp Couture.   Alexandria has traveled the globe three-times over, from the Egyptian pyramids to scaling the peak of Kilimanjaro, finding haven in natural vortexes.  All of these organic energies are clearly being channeled through her latest design collection.  They are both tortured yet romantic; both organic and otherworldly; both feral and raw, yet exquisite in every divine detail.  Earth, water, fire, and air are all represented in a mastery of illusion.

Camp Couture designs made by the kids wearing them 8 Year old Clara started the show wearing a tinker bell costume photography by Igor Kondrya
Camp Couture designs made by the kids wearing them
8 Year old Clara started the show wearing a tinker bell costume
Photography by Igor Kondrya


Photography by Igor Kondrya


Alexandria von Bromssen Winter Fall Collection
Alexandria von Bromssen 2017 Winter/Fall Collection
Photography by Igor Kondrya

It’s probably no coincidence that she believes in equality for all, and relishes in the diversities of all.  The presentation was titled – A Twisted Fairy Tale.  Best be described as a mad genius mash-up of American Horror Story, meets Snow White, or even The Adams Family, meets Chronicles of Narnia.

photography by Igor Kondrya
Photography by Igor Kondrya


Designer Alexandria von Bromssen
Designer Alexandria von Bromssen
Photography by Igor Kondrya


SACFW 2017 in Review


The anticipation and allure behind this year’s Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) events could be felt throughout the damp cold Sacramento air for weeks leading up to the grand events. So many long hours of planning, preparation, and practice, ready to come together for the grand reveal–a showcase presenting the direction of Sacramento runway and ready-to-wear fashion for 2017.

Designer Yennie Zhou in collobration with Ettores Photographer Mark Gunter
Designer Yennie Zhou in collaboration with Ettorie’s European Bakery & Restaurant
Photographer Mark Gunter

From avant garde collaborations between talented designer Yennie Zhou and one of Sacramento’s finest bakeries, Ettorie’s European Bakery & Restaurant, to chic and sexy Amoirai bathing suits ready to walk off the runway, there was something captivating for everyone to enjoy.

​AMOIRAI​ Swimwear ​​by​ ​Mary Moehring Photography by Alena v Melnik
AMOIRAI Swimwear by Mary Moehring
Photography by Alena v Melnik


Backstage Photographer Jonathan Ricardo
Photographer Jonathan Ricardo

Now that we can say farewell to the residual specks of glitter found in random places, and scroll through the numerous selfies and group photos taken each day (deleting those embarrassing accidental candids) we have a chance to reflect on all the excitement from the week of February 19th to February 25th, 2017. A week chalked full of tremendous talent and dedication. A week of Sacramento’s finest in fashion coming together to show off their best.

miss velvet cream collection


Authentic Queens Boutique Photography by Igor Kondrya
Authentic Queens Boutique
Photography by Igor Kondrya


DMR Photography
Boutique Showcase host Bridgette Loriaux looks on as model struts down the runway
DMR Photography

SACFW 2017 started off the week with the Boutique showcase at one of Sacramento’s largest and most historic venues, the Sacramento Masonic Temple on J Street. Following the opening night were some intriguing and informative events.  On Monday, the Art Institute of California – Sacramento hosted and the students of the Institute produced the Fashion Forum which featured six industry guest speakers.

Photography by Igor Kondrya
top from left SACFW producer Duane Ram, guest speakers Gerry Simpson, Tim Engle and forum host Veronica Castro
Seated from left guest speakers Debbie O’Hearn, Felicia Strati and Seana Brooks
Photography by Igor Kondrya


Barbizon Instructor Marizela Huseinovic Photography by Igor Kondrya
Barbizon Instructor Marizela Huseinovic (photo right)
Photography by Igor Kondrya

On Tuesday, newbie models had the chance to receive one-on-one training at the free Model Boot Camp held at Barbizon of Sacramento.  Lluvy Gomez from America’s Next Top Model came out to support and walk for designer Janelle Cardenas at the Fashion On Film event held at Beatnik Studios on Thursday.

Photography by Igor Kondrya
Fashion On Film Event
Photography by Igor Kondrya

This year, the Emerging Designer Showcase was presented by the Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown-Arena.  The ballroom of the Holiday Inn was twice the size of last year’s venue.

Photography by Henry Huynh
Designer Oxana Artemencova
Photography by Henry Huynh


Photography by Henry Huynh
(left image) Designer Lacey Taylor (right images) Designer Jannette Goss
Photography by Henry Huynh

However, when it comes to outdoing a past venue in size, the final two days definitely took the cake. The historic and soon-to-be completely renovated Sacramento Railyards building that housed the final runway showcases was at least four times the size of the warehouse off Richards Boulevard where SACFW 2016 was held. The huge exposed building, although chilly, was intoxicating to be in. You couldn’t help but imagine the history hidden in the rusted railings and expanse of brick walls.

Guest start arriving down the red carpet Photography by Henry Huynh
Guest start arriving down the red carpet
Photography by Henry Huynh


Dress display featuring creations by designer Yennie Zhou and dresses from Queens Chair Mannequins provided by the Fashion Department of San Joaquin Delta Collage Photography by Henry Huynh
Dress display featuring creations by designer Yennie Zhou & dresses from Queens Chair & designer Karisa Gold
Mannequins provided by the Fashion Department of San Joaquin Delta College
Photography by Henry Huynh


Models in O'Blanc file down the runway Photography by Henry Huynh
Models of O’Blanc filed down the 70ft runway at the Railyards
Photography by Henry Huynh

Project Runway Designer, Alexandria von Bromssen closed out the showcases for 2017 featuring international model Rain Dove and Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s in her line up.

Jane Wiedlin commands the stage in designer Aalexandria von Bromssen Photography by Henry Huynh
Jane Wiedlin commands the stage in designer Alexandria von Bromssen
Photography by Henry Huynh


Designer Alexandria von Bromssen takes a bow closing out the showcases for 2017 Photography by Jonathan Ricardo
Designer Alexandria von Bromssen takes a bow closing out the showcases for 2017
Photography by Jonathan Ricardo

It’s so exciting to see Sacramento fashion growing exponentially each year, even bringing out local celebrities like Sacramento Kings Players Willie Cauley-Stein and Ben McLemore.  With the continued collaboration and support of various local businesses and new sponsors like Monster Energy Drink and Boss Lash Club, SACFW along with various community events like it will continue to grow.

As things can now return to normal for everyone who came out, behind the scenes, the plans for 2018 are already in the works. Who knows what SACFW 2018 will bring to the table, but you can be sure it will be bigger and better. Stay on the feed and don’t miss out on the happenings leading up to it, you won’t want to be left out.

Model Profile: Nicole Williams


She may not have the height of a supermodel but Nicole Williams stands tall amongst the rest of them.   From her first audition for Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) in 2015, Nicole has managed to continually book herself into runway show since.

Q: Tell us about your first fashion runway experience and how you got introduced to Sacramento Fashion Week? 
A: Sacramento Fashion Week was my first time.  I was super excited, loved all cameras and lights.  I heard about it from a friend who told me to try out at the Arden mall. 

Q: Who’s your favorite local designer?
A: Prince Singh. His gowns are breathtaking.


Q: What inspires you?
A: Knowing that there is always the potential for me to grow. You never know what you could do if you don’t go jump and try new things. The unknown is great.

Q: Who did you look up to when you were younger?
A: My mother is the strongest person I know.  A role model for life. 

Q: Where do you see yourself going in this industry?
A: Hopefully to be a known name. Trying to expand myself worldwide.

Q: What is your advice to young girls and boys wanting to be in this industry?
A: Anything is really possible, put in the work and no one can take it from you.

Fashion Forum 2017

As New York Fashion Week (NYFW) comes to an end, Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) picks up it’s heels and heads for the runway.  With the week beginning on Sunday February 19th at the Sacramento Masonic Temple.  Final preparations are being tuned for the Fashion Forum which once again is being held at the Art Institute of California – Sacramento.  This year the Art Institute is not only hosting it but the event has been incorporated into a production class who will be producing the event on Monday.  

Veronica Castro will be returning as host with a new mix of guest speakers that are a mix of new and past guest speakers. 

fashion forum2

Hair & Fashion Battle All Stars

Salon 2nd (2)

The Hair & Fashion Battle (H+FB) just had it’s 6th year this past Saturday, September 24th.  This was no ordinary battle.  Event producer Marlett Berry brought out all the stars.  In this All-Star battle, the featured winners of the past five years competed head to head in a hair-raising competition.


Not only were there stars in battle, but the H+FB was a soiree of notables.  Candidate for Elk Grove Mayor Tracie Stafford hosted the event.  The production also brought back the original host of the first H+FB, Naima Mora the winner of America’s Next Top Model cycle 4.  Mora is such an avid supporter of Sacramento we consider her an honorary local. One of her more high profile appearances was in 2013 when she took on the role as the ambassador for Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW), and helped kick off the week with a number of special event appearances.

Naima Mora (H+FB Host), Tejvir Rekhi (Gemsparx owner), Duane Ram (SACFW producer)
photo by Igor Kondrya

Hannah Be from Retrospect Vintage provided wardrobe and styling for both Tracie and Naima.  Diamonds were generously provided by the Title Sponsor Gemsparx giving them that special sparkle.

Winning Designer Collection by Eshonna Trice
photo by Igor Kondrya

Deservedly, Eshonna Trice took the winning Fashion designer title while Hair Gone Wild took the Hair Stylist Team win.

Winning Hair Team Hair Gone Wild
photo by Igor Kondrya

“This year, I had the opportunity to judge on behalf of California Film Foundation and Fashion On Film.  And let me tell you, these fashion showcases, deserve to be documented.  It was a battle to the finish and definitely one for the fashion ages” Kim Mims – Fashion On Film Community Liaison

photo by Igor Kondrya

“This was my first year being a part of the Hair and Fashion Battle.  It was a pleasure being involved with such a creative and well put together show.  The teams were diverse, unique and had excellent showmanship!” Brooke Sliverglide – CEO IKON Magazine

photo by Igor Kondrya

“I was amazed of the event.  There was a lot of hard work and interesting ideas put into this” Jonathan Cheek – Professional Hair Stylist

Hair + Salon 1st (3)
H+FB producer Marlett Berry with the winning Designer and Hair Team
photo by David Alvarez

“Thank you to all the winners in our Battles. You all should be proud.  You all were winners tonight.  Without you, we would not have an amazing event like Hair & Fashion Battle.” Marlett Berry – H+FB producer

Drape with Emily Payne


Image via MyLifetime
Image via MyLifetime

Written by Eleni Tavau –

I was very fortunate to be able to take a trip to San Francisco to drape with Emily Payne, a fashion designer who appeared on Project Runway season thirteen, at Britex Fabrics.

Women's collection: Leather Tongue
Women’s collection: Leather Tongue

Unfortunately, she did not make the cut. Although, she did gain numerous of fans and came across to many acquaintances after the show. As I was sitting there and observing her, I realized she has a unique way to create a look or style without using any proper accessories to take measurements, which is draping. “The reason why I drape it’s because I hate measuring”, said Payne. She says she gets cool ideas by making mistakes while draping, which I personally think that’s a great suggestion for any designers. Many questions were asked by others who went to this event such as, “which designer does she follow if there’s any?” and “what kind of fabric does she love the most?”. She said Thomas Tait within seconds as if she has been admiring his collections for a long time. She also mentioned Rick Owens; Both designers are huge in the fashion industry! Here’s an interesting theory: Emily Payne’s collection, Leather Tongue, looks similar of both Thomas Tait and Rick Owens. When she asked about what kind of fabric that she loves, she said boiled wool. “I don’t know what it is, but I love the way it looks and feel” said Emily Payne.


Project Runway All Stars. Photo: David M.
Project Runway All Stars. Photo: David M.


She was also questioned about her appearance on Project Runway. She mentioned some scenes were edited, some events were happening in real life, but the production crew asked if they could “re-act” again. She also mentioned that Project Runway didn’t allow anyone to have any source of anything that could possibly give them an inspiration to design. Emily Payne might not have won season thirteen of Project Runway, but she won another fan after what she has said about the fashion industry; and I quote, “Every idea has been sewn, drape, re-create, put together already. It’s not always about becoming the first one to create a unique look. Getting people look at your stuff is the hard part.” Tough industry.

Photography by Mark Gunter
Photography by Mark Gunter

To find out more about Emily Payne and her current collection check out her website

SACFW 2016 Emerging Next Recap

Designer Jose Rual Rosales - Kondrya Photography
Designer Jose Rual Rosales – Kondrya Photography

Written by: Johvana Flores

Beauty students and Hair stylist joined their glam squads at Federico Beauty Institute Thursday night February 25th for the Emerging Next showcase presented by the California Endowment.   The designers featured were; Hagen Valencia, Angelina Martin, Zenzele Nuru, Jose Raul Rosales, Amal Lqbal, Christy Jahlea Jahlou, Kirsi sasso, Seekham Thao, and Leo Tills.  Style’s varied from fancy to funky, street style,exotic wear to colorful, and overall unique.  These emerging designers blossomed into the spotlight.

Oscar Vasquez Photography
Designer Jose Rual Rosales – Oscar Vasquez Photography


Don’t the models look exquisite on the runway with their sleek moves and divine gowns?

Emerging Next Showcase

Designer Hagen Valencia - Jaime Urquizo Photography
Designer Hagen Valencia – Jaime Urquizo Photography

You’re probably thinking, “wow, male models at the show too?” Yes indeed and they did a great job at it. The look was structural and incorporated color blocking. I also enjoyed the outlining of the clothing giving it a pop art feel.

Designer Christy Jahlea Jahlou - Oscar Vasquez Photography
Designer Christy Jahlea Jahlou – Oscar Vasquez Photography

When viewing this particular design coming down the runway I thought “dreams do come true!”  The finally ended with women wearing exotic dresses, not something you can just go by at the mall. Definitely one of a kind and definitely the magnum opus of finales.

Zuyimi Photography
Zuyimi Photography

There were so many beautiful professional models so I was inspired to interview a few of the models.
Q: How did it feel modeling?
A: I was nervous of course, but I think I looked good (starts laughing).
Q: Did you like what you were modeling?
A: Yeah I did, it’s not something I usually wear but I still liked it. It shows a different side of me I didn’t know I had!
Q: How long have you been modeling?
A: I’ve always wanted to model since I was little, but I’m glad that after high school I got the opportunity to do this kind of thing. I really want to continue.
Q:Who was your favorite designer?
A: I would say Angelina Martin, it was unique and exiting for me.

Designer Angelina Martin - Nick Sharples Photography
Designer Angelina Martin – Nick Sharples Photography