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Presenting Miss Phoebe Verkouw

Sacramento’s blogger Phoebe of the blog The Dress Fiend will not only be writing for her own blog…but she will now be writing for Thrift Town’s blog! You may have seen her in Sacramento Magazine last May or even on Good Day Sacramento. If you aren’t familiar with Phoebe’s blog you should take a peak! Phoebe […]

BAYFashion Runway Show

BAYFashion Magazine will be presenting a runway fashion show dubbed CLHS 2013 (Coolest Looks & Hottest Styles) at the luxurious Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco this Friday May 3rd. 10 designer from New York to the Ukraine will showcase their hottest looks for 2013 Fall/Winter & 2014 Spring/Summer collections. Featured designers include Christope Guillarme, […]

Perfectly Coifed Couture

Fashion showcases typically rely heavily upon designer focus as the main attraction; however beauty gurus, Nikki Tran and Ling Chan aim to adjust that perception by bringing recognition to the devil in the details, with their May 18th Crѐateur showcase. Hair, makeup and fashion design are undeniably intertwined in the beauty industry.  Nikki & Ling […]

A Deep Bow to Lilly Pulitzer

[social_share/] Clothing designer Lilly Pulitzer, 81 passed away yesterday. Pulitzer was known for her tropical prints in technicolor wave lengths. According to the New York Times, Lilly Pulitzer made more than 15 million in revenue at the height of her success. While she was popular during the time of the “flower child” of the 60s and […]

SACFW Covers The Art of Fashion: Jason Wu

[social_share/] When Sacramento Fashion Week first got the official invite to “The Art of Fashion: Jason Wu”, we were more than thrilled. His most recent accomplishments include dressing first lady Michelle Obama for the second time at this year’s inaugural ball. This accomplishment was significant for his career seeing as Michelle Obama is currently one […]

My World Changed: Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2013 Showcase

[social_share/] Every great once in a while, there’s a fashion showcase capable of having a lasting and deep impact on its audience. Oh, I know that sounds dramatic, but for those of us who hold beautiful things dear, it’s no exaggeration. Clothes, really remarkable and well-made clothes, have the ability to change me, altering my very […]

Fashion Week’s Showcase Low-down

[social_share/] As of Saturday, March 2nd, we bid farewell to our beloved Sacramento’s Fashion Week events. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m exhausted. So much couture and fresh fashion creation at one time can certainly wear a girl down. Events began with our launch party on Sunday, the 24th of […]

SACFW and “The Art of Fashion: Jason Wu”

[social_share/] Sacramento Fashion Week will be attending “The Art of Fashion: Jason Wu”. This gala put on by both the San Francisco Opera Guild and Neiman Marcus Union Square will feature a fashion show, a full buffet and dancing at the impressive San Francisco City Hall. The event will definitely go down in California’s fashion history book as this is the […]

SAC Fashion Week 2013 Video Pre-order

[social_share/] Includes Everything From Three Days of Fashion Day 1 // Boutique Show Featuring: Violet Muse, French Cuff, Felicia Strati, Made To Fit Couture, Article Consignment Boutique, and Aquamarine Jewelers. Day 2 // Friday Showcase Featuring: Monico Buo, Rebecca Cahua, Britboy Fashions, Maisha Bahati, Rampant, Niv Elliot, Kingstribe by Samuel Parkinson, and Nelli Rosh. Day […]

Model Workshop

[social_share/] Besides what the show looks like aesthetically, the models are the ones that take the stage and represent the final look in the designers collection. The walk down the runway is the culmination of hundreds of people’s hard work. For Sacramento Fashion Week to be a roaring success, everyone will need to have their […]