Want to know how to “Put a Ring on it”?


  • Bohemian Babe
    •  What is so brilliant about dressing bohemian, is you can wear majorly black and it always works. It’s the accessories that make it bohemian. Just pair some black distressed pants, with a patterned peasant and finish it with some tan booties and boom; it’s such an easy, casual outfit. With your outfit being mostly black it’s easy to add any color rings. Here we see a mixture of gold, rose gold, and silver rings all in one set. The sweet rose color and metal finishes are such a subtle yet smart way to match to most colors. To finish it off, pair it with some wine-red colored nails, stud earrings, and a leather satchel. Voila! You have a boho beautiful outfit for hitting the city.

boho babe

  • Girly Gal
    •  The Girly Gal look is consists of primarily pastel colors which look amazing with both gold and silver rings. When pairing this pastel pink dress with brown riding boots, gold rings is the sweetest choice. The contrasting colors of gold and brown is perfect for when you are in a fun, flirtatious mood! When adding a gold headband, pearl necklace, and matching pearl earrings it completes the whole “princess” look. This is perfect to wear out on a casual date night with your boyfriend or just a GNO with the besties.


At the end of the day if you want to be bold and mix things from both of these sets I can assure you your outfit will be just as vibrant and fashionable as ever. 

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Author: Jocelyn Arevalo

My name is Jocelyn Elena Arevalo. I'm San Francisco born, Sacramento raised. I moved to Sacramento when I was five years old but almost every summer I send a couple weeks of vacation in the city. I have a lot of family and friends that live out there and who I stay with when I go. I have a deep love for the city, I appreciate the diversity it's offers. However, I have fallen in love with Sacramento. It's beautiful, hot summer and gorgeous autumn leaves made me acknowledge the beauty of this suburban area. I hope to attend university in either SoCal of the Bay Area next year. I plan to major in Business/ Communications. My goal is to become a Buyer for a prestigious retail store. I am part of Nordstrom's Fashion Ambassadors Internship. I also work at Abercombie Kids as a stock associate. I am the only child of two extremely loving parents. I also go by Jocy. I'm a senior and currently attend El Camino Fundamental High school. On my free time I enjoy running. I am part of my school's Cross-Country team. I like reading romance novels; I'm the ultimate romantic. If I were to describe my style it would be Blair Waldorf meets Charlotte York- basically preppy with a slight edge.

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