SACFW 2016 Fashion Forum Recap

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Picture by Igor Kondrya (Left to Right) Claude Brown, Pete Haynes, Amy Wister, Richard Hallmarq, Jany Stehman and Brandon Earl

Monday was day two of Sacramento Fashion Week’s 10 year anniversary celebration.  The forum was two hours long and jam packed with informative advice on not only how to get into the industry, but how to persevere within it. Towards the end of the panel, a young man in the back of the room raised his hand and stated that he had just moved here from a small town not knowing where to start. Claude Brown, VP of the Art Institute replied that the place to start is here. He prompted him to talk to executive producer Duane Ram immediately. This was excellent advice reminiscent of the saying “bloom where you are planted.”

Kondrya Photography

Kondrya Photography

SACFW provides a public platform that not only showcases work, but provides a welcoming network of professionals and dreamers. That sentiment was echoed by each panelist reiterating that we all need a strong support system.


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