Model Profile : Bostyn Sirovina

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Bostyn Holli Sirovina started modeling at the age of 10 and in 2011 at the age of 13 walked in her first fashion show. Since then she has been one of a few models that have consistently walked for a designer, every year for Sac Fashion Week.  The fashion industry however is not her only field of interest.  In February of 2015, Bostyn was offered an internship from Sutter Roseville Medical Center.  She also successfully completed and received an award from the Perry Outreach Program which inspires women to pursue careers in Orthopedic Surgery and Engineering.  During that same year, she received a scholarship to attend William Jessup Christian University and this coming fall, she will become a pre-med student. Bostyn Holli Sirovina has managed to balance both her professional and personal life well. Sacramento is excited and lucky to have a natural born role model right in our hands.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Q: Tell us about your first runway experience?
A: Lights flashed on my face as I was told to walk out. Heart thumping out of my chest and cheeks hurting from smiling too much. Nerves were my automatic response to being on a runway for the first time in front of hundreds of people. Yet, the experience was very invigorating and exciting.

Q: How did you get introduced to Sac Fashion Week?
A: Actually my mother had gotten me into it by letting me go to an audition in the first place. There were also a few designers from previous shows that asked me to attend.

Q: Do you have a favorite designer?
A: Yes, i actually have two. Yenni Zhou and Janelle Cardenas. They are so eccentric and different that you wouldn’t even dare to compete with them.


Krishna Alston Teresi Photography
Krishna Alston Teresi Photography

Q: Who is your favorite model and why?
A: I haven’t given much thought to who my absolute favorite is but i am quite fond of Tyra Banks. She is a strong independent model who wont let anyone change her. I love that about her.

Q: What would you say is your personal style?
A: I would say i am very layed back and hippy. I am not into today’s trends but i do like a good old pair of boyfriend jeans and baggy t-short with my birkenstalks.

Frans Loriaux Photography
Frans Loriaux Photography

Q: What inspires you?
A: I am a true believer in fate and hard work. You never get anywhere by standing still, so take one day at a time and let fate do the rest. Your only human.

Q: Where do you see yourself in this industry?
A: I take each show one at a time, but my main goal is to make it in New York Fashion Week and whatever happens from there is the future.

Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: I love to write and read. I believe that each day you can learn something new so why not read and be exposed to new worlds and new people. Life is an adventure.


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