Hair & Fashion Battle All Stars

Salon 2nd (2)

The Hair & Fashion Battle (H+FB) just had it’s 6th year this past Saturday, September 24th.  This was no ordinary battle.  Event producer Marlett Berry brought out all the stars.  In this All-Star battle, the featured winners of the past five years competed head to head in a hair-raising competition.


Not only were there stars in battle, but the H+FB was a soiree of notables.  Candidate for Elk Grove Mayor Tracie Stafford hosted the event.  The production also brought back the original host of the first H+FB, Naima Mora the winner of America’s Next Top Model cycle 4.  Mora is such an avid supporter of Sacramento we consider her an honorary local. One of her more high profile appearances was in 2013 when she took on the role as the ambassador for Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW), and helped kick off the week with a number of special event appearances.


Naima Mora (H+FB Host), Tejvir Rekhi (Gemsparx owner), Duane Ram (SACFW producer)
photo by Igor Kondrya

Hannah Be from Retrospect Vintage provided wardrobe and styling for both Tracie and Naima.  Diamonds were generously provided by the Title Sponsor Gemsparx giving them that special sparkle.


Winning Designer Collection by Eshonna Trice
photo by Igor Kondrya

Deservedly, Eshonna Trice took the winning Fashion designer title while Hair Gone Wild took the Hair Stylist Team win.


Winning Hair Team Hair Gone Wild
photo by Igor Kondrya

“This year, I had the opportunity to judge on behalf of California Film Foundation and Fashion On Film.  And let me tell you, these fashion showcases, deserve to be documented.  It was a battle to the finish and definitely one for the fashion ages” Kim Mims – Fashion On Film Community Liaison


photo by Igor Kondrya

“This was my first year being a part of the Hair and Fashion Battle.  It was a pleasure being involved with such a creative and well put together show.  The teams were diverse, unique and had excellent showmanship!” Brooke Sliverglide – CEO IKON Magazine


photo by Igor Kondrya

“I was amazed of the event.  There was a lot of hard work and interesting ideas put into this” Jonathan Cheek – Professional Hair Stylist

Hair + Salon 1st (3)

H+FB producer Marlett Berry with the winning Designer and Hair Team
photo by David Alvarez

“Thank you to all the winners in our Battles. You all should be proud.  You all were winners tonight.  Without you, we would not have an amazing event like Hair & Fashion Battle.” Marlett Berry – H+FB producer

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