The Wide Lense: Tim Engle

tom danger tim engle
Tim Engle

Tim Engle has been a part of Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) since 2009 when he hosted a photography workshop.  In 2011 KVIE PBS selective him as one of California’s Master Photographers and since then, he has been the go to photographer for most of the campaign images for SACFW.  This year his images can be seen through out the capital city, on digital billboards over the freeways and at both Arden Fair and Roseville Galleria Mall.

DMR Photography
DMR Photography

Q. You have developed a passion for photography in your early teens and have turned photography into a full time career successfully, can you tell us what steps did you take to achieve this accomplishment? And what advice would you give to other photographers who would like to turn photography into a full time career?

A. I just kept at it and practiced relentlessly. I grew up using film and learned printing in the darkroom. I think that learning film was a huge help with the transition to digital.

Advice? Don’t stop. Keep doing what you love and don’t be afraid to fail. You will have setbacks, but you’ll learn more from your failures than your success.

Q. In the field of the arts it is so important to be versatile I see that outside of photography you also direct short films, what has inspired you to choose this avenue? And how does your photography skills help you in directing?

A. I don’t spend much time with video now days, but I always treat video like a still image that moves. Directing my subjects in photography translates directly in the video.

photography by Tim Engle
Christine Alward shot by Tim Engle

Q. You have been apart of  SACFW for awhile now.  What keeps you involved with the production and what are you looking forward to this year?

A. I really enjoy the creative community that surrounds SACFW. I’ve made many friends in the industry and it is always a pleasure to see them do what they do.

Q. There are many photographers who are apart of this event as well, are there any that you know of? Have you worked with any of them in the past?

A. I’m familiar with many of them. We’re very lucky to have such talented photographers in Sacramento. Its a great community.

unnamed (7)
Bethany Crouch shot by Tim Engle

Q. There are 4 showcases this year and the production had two huge open castings at Arden Fair.  I’m sure there are models participating that you have worked with.  Who are you looking forward to seeing on the runway this year?

A. Yes I have worked with many of the models. Sacramento has produced some exceptional talent! Most notably, Christine Alward who was chosen as the Face of SACFW this year. She is a perfect selection. She’s very talented and has worked hard for several years with many of the top designers. Christine is also a talented photographer in her right, which gives her a very unique perspective of the modeling and fashion world. I always enjoy watching her work the runway. There are many new faces this year I’m also excited to see.


Q. Do you have any tips and advice to those who would like to take part in Sacramento’s Fashion Week next year?

A. Get involved early. It’s a big production and there are lots of ways to be involved.

Ryan Douglas and his models from SACFW 2015 shot by Tim Engle

The Wide Lense: Igor Kondrya

Q & A with High Fashion Photographer Igor Kondrya

By: Nina Wilson


Sacramento’s Fashion Week is right around the corner so we took a couple of minutes to sit down with leading photographer Igor Kondrya to get to know him and find out how he has gotten the privilege be apart of such an amazing event. He also gives advice to other aspiring photographers and models to help them make their dreams come true.


Q: Every artist has a story pertaining to why they have decided to pursue their chosen craft and yours is photography. Can you tell me why you have decided to pursue a career in photography? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A: As a kid growing up, ironically, I really disliked be photographed but I was always curious about being the photographer. After learning more and more, I remember realizing that photographs can freeze a moment in time. They can bring back so much emotions from a special or bad day. Once I understood how the camera worked and what it could do for people, I knew that photography was for me. Because I am a very quite person, the idea that my can work can visually speak for itself was also quite appealing to me.

Modeling for Anastasia Sergeevna Kryukova

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A: I get my inspiration from my surroundings, the family that I was blessed with, and my friends. There’s a saying, “surround yourself with great people, and greatness will surround you.” I truly believe in that. Music and art also play a vital role in my life. I attend art events, there’s a lot to learn from different types of art styles, I always strive to capture something different and exciting. This drive to find and then showcase unique perspectives is what keeps me inspired to grow. My advice to photographers is to find what inspires you and chase it, never wait to be inspired.


Q: From what I have discovered about you is that you are a well seasoned photographer! You have been a leading photographer for Sacramento’s fashion week in the past and are the leading photographer for Sacramento’s fashion week again this year. What an amazing accomplishment! What do you love about being a  recurring photographer for a huge show like this?

A: In 2011, I was introduced to Duane Ram, the director of SACFW and that’s when I really delved into the world of Fashion. What I love most about this opportunity is the photographers that I get to meet, learning about the different styles that each of them bring is what makes this event very special. The networking opportunities and the fact that it brings people in the industry together is just the kind of place I feel I thrive in.


Q: Outside of shooting in the fashion industry what are some other areas that you like to photograph?

A: I mostly find myself photographing weddings; that’s where most of my clients come from. Secondly are portraits. Portraits can be challenging as each person has an idea of what they look like and I want to show them how my skills can make their dreams into reality. Putting both of our ideas together to make something great is extremely rewarding. I not only do professional portraits but family portraits.  This is my personal  favorite thing to do. Capturing those special moments of a growing family is so special and I always hope to give the family photos that they will treasure forever. Knowing that your work will hang on someone’s wall inside their home is priceless.

Lastly, fashion photography is where I get to showcase dynamic photographs. As you can see, having been with Sacramento Fashion Week, and various other shows I have had a lot of experience in the fashion industry. It gives me an opportunity to show my more edgy style of photographing subjects. There are so many types of photography I truly never get tired of it.



Q: There are a lot of aspiring photographers and models out there, what tips and advice would you give them in helping make their dreams come true?

A: Some advice that I would give to other photographers would be to never rush into buying equipment. Learn about your products first. Photography is a like a science. It’s not just point and shoot and your done. Learn about lighting for example. Light has varying qualities. It can be reflective and therefore just by manipulating light, you can change the entire mood or feel of a single photograph. As for the aspiring models, be prepared to wait a lot, start small and don’t expect a lot at first. Discover what type of model category you want to delve into? Editorial? Print?  Before you start anything, do you research. The more informed you are the more competitive you will be in the end.


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