Fashion Forum at the Art Institute


Most of us have heard the old Hollywood saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Well, the truth is, both factors hold equal accountability when searching the job market for new opportunities in the fashion industry. There is a wide range of work within the entire entertainment industry, so it is important to find out as much information as possible about all aspects of the type of work you wish to pursue. Do you wish to be in front of the camera at all? Do you want to have a manager, or be your own boss? Would you want to travel? Have you ever wanted to live in a big city? Those questions are key examples of factors to consider when determining your next big advancement in your career. Therefore, In order to advance in your field, you need more experience. In order to get more experience, you need to network with more professionals in your industry.

Photography by Duane Ram
Photography by Duane Ram

Attending Sac Fashion Week’s Fashion Forum and listening to what industry professionals have to say about their work experience is a great way to find out more information regarding potential career choices and networking opportunities. Many of the experts that are featured on the Fashion Forum panel started out in one area of the fashion industry, and then ventured off into another branch because they found new interests. They are each extremely knowledgeable about a variety of topics, and they give all attendee’s of this Fashion Forum the opportunity to ask questions, meet industry professionals, and learn more about the industry. The guest speakers that choose to participate in this event do so because they are passionate about benefiting the Sacramento community and helping others succeed by passing down extended knowledge. They understand that any person can find inspiration for their future by listening to and networking with industry professionals. All together these guest speakers have some of the most experience in this industry for the city of Sacramento, and they’re ready to help advise you about your next big career move. You have to start out by meeting with your local industry professionals in order find out more about which part of the fashion industry best suits you. Attending this Fashion Forum event could potentially lead you to a new job/internship in a direction that you never thought you would someday go toward.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

The importance of networking is crucial in this industry, and we are fortunate to have an event like this organized and held for free to the public. Headed by Duane Ram the executive director and producer of Sacramento Fashion Week, this event brought together local industry professionals that are making it happen right here at the state capital. Giving aspiring attendees their knowledge and experience to make it in the industry and further opportunities for career advancement.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

This year’s event was hosted by Model Coach/Visual Artist Gerry Simpson. Mr Simpson’s twenty plus years of experience in the industry was the prefect choice to host the evening. His energy kept the hour moving on pace.

Some of the attendees favorite discussion points were:
* We all must create our own paths for our futures in order to find success in the fashion industry.
* It is not good to compare yourself to anyone else.
* You should always aspire to find your own path to reach your personal success.
* Network with those around you and you will open yourself up to countless job opportunities.
* Shopping locally benefits the economy, especially the fashion community.
* The entire fashion industry needs more diversity.
* The benefits of setting a plan for your goals and accomplishing them.
* Make sure to help those around you by passing down knowledge and providing advice.
* Always have a smile on your face.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Each of the guest speakers came from different backgrounds, but what they each had in common was that they created their own separate paths toward pursuing their dreams. By networking with industry professionals and putting out a lot of hard work, these guest speakers were able to get to where they are today in their careers. That is why they each feel so passionate about passing down their extensive knowledge to the people of Sacramento. At the Fashion Forum they each emphasized the importance of collaboration for growth within this industry. We must be willing to learn as much as possible about our industry professionals so we can strengthen our strengths and perfect our weaknesses.

Once the forum ended every attendee was given the opportunity to network and collaborate with other leading professionals in the industry over an amazing spread of gourmet appetizers prepared by the chefs from the Catering School at the Art Institute of Sacramento.

Photography by Duane Ram
Photography by Duane Ram

Hard work creates extensive knowledge, and collaboration with the right person could make the all of the difference while searching for your next big career move. In order to find work in the entertainment industry, you must collaborate with those around you so that you can expand your knowledge of your craft. There’s always room to learn something new about what you love to do, and if you want success then you have to work hard for it. You never know when an opportunity for success will be around the corner from you, so you must always be open to new experiences and opportunities whenever they arise. Success will never come knocking at your front door, you must constantly chase after it and do everything it takes to reach your goals.

All White Everything

A new season is here and it’s already time to put aside those winter threads and bring in the new trendy spring threads. This spring is looking bright, as the Old School but new trend this year is to get decked out in all white everything! From Fashionable Celebs like Kim K. & Kanye West, Kylie Jenner, Victoria Beckham, and Rihanna to Fashion fans & Celebs on Instagram & Tumblr, the Godful clean-chic look is the new trending style for spring 2015.  Designers such as Giorgio Armani, House of Zhivago, Dior, BCBG, DKNY and many others have created all white pieces for their spring 2015 collection.

Designer Samantha Furno from SACFW 2015                              Designer Mimi Tran from Parisian Haute Couture Showcase

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Diversity is so common, as you could either wear this look edgy, chic, casual or formal. Why not try to complete your effortless all white attire with a beauty chic look. You could even add a touch of color with a simple accessory statement piece, like a colored pump or gold earring/bracelet. If you’ve already mastered this look, then why not try a Smokey eye, or consider a bold or nude colored lipstick. Here are some options for makeup choices below.



Own your looks, and happy Trending!

The Launch of Sac Fashion Week 2015

Photographer byTim Petrenko
Photographer by Tim Petrenko

On February 15th 2015 the Boutique Shop & Showcase event launched Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) presented by Lexus Continue reading “The Launch of Sac Fashion Week 2015”

A Fashion Narrative

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Have you ever told a story with your clothes before? Even if you insist that you haven’t, sorry to burst your fashion bubble, but you have! Perhaps last night when you went out to Low Brau you threw on a black sleek jumper, with a large coral statement necklace.  When you walked through those dark doors, you were a trendy and sexy woman, but most importantly you intended to thoroughly enjoy your night while being comfortable dancing your heart out.  You’re a woman of class and learned from the dreadful experience of last time you went out with your friends, in which you hit the nae-nae too hard in your skater dress and everyone saw your new Victoria’s Secret purchase.  Fortunately, flashing will not be on the agenda in this fabulous jumper.  Your confidence is through the roof and your inner Shakira is sure to make an appearance on that dance floor.


Just as fashion is a narrative, cars tell quite the story as well. Lexus is one of our amazing sponsors at Sacramento Fashion Week. Fancy, I know. After test driving a Lexus at the Sacramento Lexus dealership, this curvy and sleek machine told me its story. The Lexus always stands out among the other luxury cars. Fashionistas consider this car a lasting treasure. Its elegance cannot be denied. After sweeping my fingers against the fine leather seats, I knew that this car truly was meant for a person who is not willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion or fashion for comfort. The Lexus features the best of both worlds, just like the black jumpsuit. The homeliness and security present in the luxury vehicle are undeniable. Perfect for long road trips with the family. But, when the kids are screaming or you’re on your way to Low Brau ready to party, the sound system transports you to your ideal luxury spot. The Lexus and Jumpsuit lover go hand in hand. Not only do they both love to be trendy and sexy, but reliability is a must. Lexus, voted 2015’s most reliable luxury car, maintains priceless confidence and classiness while cruising around the thriving city of Sacramento.

Model Casting Day One


Tim Engle Photography
Tim Engle Photography

Day One of Model Casting was a success. Thank you for everyone who came out to the event, and a special thank you to Find Studios for the location.

image (40)image (44)

Day Two of Model Casting starts today from 12noon – 2pm at the Find Studios.

This will be a big audition, so please do be prepared by reading all of the tips below. This is your chance to make a professional first impression, so be sure to take time to show yourself at your best by following all the instructions. No experience necessary!


Fitted clothes (skinny jeans, tank, V or scoop neck T)Shoes that you can walk in. Women need pumps or thin heeled shoes. No platforms or chunky heels. Be sure they are comfortable!


Be on time
Be kind to everyone
Be patient
Be confident
Be neatly and fashionably groomed, with light, natural (but polished) makeup. Hair can be up or down, but be sure we can see your face. Keep hair natural, but neat and groomed. Bring a hair band to pull it back if asked.


Your portfolio, if you have one
Comp card, if you have one

Two clear, simple digital images of yourself: one headshot, one full length in fitted clothes. Take the photos with a plain background in natural light and print them out to bring to the casting. For more tips on taking digitals, please visit this page and scroll down to “photo tips.”

Photos and comp cards need to have the following information printed on them:

Bra size
Waist measurement (& inseam for Men)
Hip measurement (largest part of your hips)
Dress size (Women); Jacket & shirt size (Men)
Shoe size
Hair color
Eye color
Contact information (agent name and phone number or your phone and email)

What to expect:

There will be waiting, so be light hearted about it!
You’ll be asked for your book and comp card
You’ll be asked to walk
You may have a photo or video taken of you
Be prepared to answer any questions about yourself

What happens after the event?

If you are chosen to walk for Sac Fashion Week we will be in touch with you for your next steps.
Good Luck!

image (39)

5 Ways to Amp up Your New Year’s Look

 unnamed (2)

Completely stumped on what you’re going to rock this New Year’s Eve? You’ve rummaged through your closet struggling to find the perfect outfit and failed miserably. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered! With these five stylish pieces, you’ll be stepping into the new year fabulously.

Continue reading “5 Ways to Amp up Your New Year’s Look”

Masquerade Fashion Affair

Join us for our Annual Holiday Masquerade Fashion Affair hosted by The Find / Studio 817

Models: Devon Banks & Anita Spoljar Makeup: Jasmine Cardenas Artistry Hair: Allure Salon & Spa Photographer: Tim Engle
Models: Devon Banks & Anita Spoljar
Makeup: Jasmine Cardenas Artistry
Hair: Allure Salon & Spa
Photographer: Tim Engle

Enjoy champagne, light Hors d’oeuvres & deserts. Mingle with the SACFW production team, designers, models, photographers and supports. Check out our famous themed photo booth, capture the memories and dance the night away with our Live DJ.

Thank you to our Sponsors:
The Find Studio, Flash A Smile Photo Booth, Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar and America’s Party Rentals

Online Sale $10.00
At the Door $20.00

Charmosa Swimwear by Neide Hall

Oscar Vasquez Photography
Oscar Vasquez Photography

Living in California all of my life, I have seen my fair share of beach wear. Nothing I’ve seen in the sand thus far remotely compares to Neide Hall’s couture swimwear line, Charmosa Swimwear. For those of you who have not yet heard of Neide Hall, she is a Brazilian born swimwear designer and mother currently based in the Bay Area of California. At the beginning of the year she presented her line at Sacramento Fashion Week 2014. Hall brought forth some of the most beautiful designs viewed on the runway that were bold, beautiful, and full of life. She chose less than 15 of her favorite designs, and they were some of the most beautifully inspiring swimwear pieces that I’ve ever seen in Northern California.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

In recent years unfortunately many swimwear lines seem to have the same similar characteristics. Most of them have the same cuts, designs, and ties that come off as unoriginal and bland. Neide realized this years ago, and this is why Charmosa Swimwear was born. Charmosa Swimwear began in 2012, and started with the idea of providing beautiful Brazilian couture swimwear for the fashion forward individual. All of Hall’s pieces are couture, therefore no two items are the same. She begins her designs with luxury materials and hand paints most of her products. Many of her pieces are also hand crocheted and take weeks to complete. Her high end clientele can’t get enough of her line, and everyone loves the idea of buying a swimwear piece that nobody else in the world owns. Neide’s inspirations come from Brazil. The colors and patterns she uses are created from inspirations such as the beach, marine life, and tropical beauty found all over the country.

Frans Loriaux Photography
Frans Loriaux Photography

Hall has an eye for new and exciting designs, and she has grown much since 2012. Recently she was selected as one of the Top 14 emerging designers in the United States for Phoenix Fashion Week‘s emerging designer competition. She is competing against 13 other talented designers, and if she wins the competition she could potentially bring her company global. She was selected because her creative high fashion swimwear stood out from many designers all over the United States, and Phoenix couldn’t get enough of her! Well, Sacramento loves her line just as much, and we can’t wait to see what she has to offer at Sacramento Fashion Week 2015!

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Since Sacramento Fashion Week 2014 Neide has created many new designs, and they can all be found on her website