Model Profile: Rachel Anastasia Santiago

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Our 10th Anniversary events this year featured 5 showcases. That is the most we have ever had. They included a Boutique Showcase, a Fashion On Film Showcase, an Emerging Next Showcase, a Spring/Summer Showcase and our finale Fall/Winter Showcase. Rachel Anastasia Santiago quickly rose through the ranks of new models that joined the production last year to participating in multiple showcases which included 4 Boutiques. Sei Bella Boutique, Rire Boutique, Neetu Fashions and Identity Boutique. Rachel was also selected by our official event photographer Igor Kondrya and the event producer Duane Ram for one of three model profile films, that was featured at the Fashion On Film event. To top the week off, Rachel also participated in the designer showcases and walked for designers Amal Iqbal, Rachel Lewis and France Wright.

Q: Tell us about your first fashion runway experience.
A: I started out focused more on film work which lead me into runway modeling slightly unexpectedly. My first runway experience was when I was seventeen. I was working on set with a film project that my uncle was directing in LA. During a social event after shooting I was approached by a local designer in LA who was putting on a showcase the following weekend. My uncle approved of it, and made sure I got to the fitting and was shown what I would need to do. That weekend I did my work on the catwalk for the first time and I have been in love with it ever since.

Q: How did you get introduced to Sac Fashion Week?
A: Over the years I have spent a great deal of time modeling all over California. Last year, a friend of mine and model told me that I should go to the open call and try out for Sacramento Fashion Week. Of course I had already heard amazing things about it before; and I had always wanted to be a part of it. So I took a shot, and I was selected. I had a blast, and was offered a chance to come back again this year. Which was incredibly exciting!

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Q: This year marks Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) 10th Anniversary. Do you have a favorite designer from our past showcases?
A: My two favorite designers that have shown at SACFW are Michael Kouris and Vasily Vein. Both of them are absolutely phenomenal designers who push limits and come up with very elegant and edgy looks. They create dresses that draw the eyes, and inspire you as a model. Just really beautiful.

Q: What was your day like as a model during out 10th anniversary showcases?
A: The day usually starts out the same as most shows. Even though the showcase are in the evening we are there at 10AM for hair and makeup. There is this sort of underlying feeling of the calm before the storm. I show up in plain face, casual clothes, and meet my hair and makeup crew. There is a lot of downtime waiting. Photographers have little studios setup backstage were we rotate through taking some quick thinking shots. There is a lunch break at 1PM and then rehearsals start at 3PM. Once hair and makeup is complete; it’s time to get dressed. So the team helps me put on each piece for one more last minute fitting. It’s always a bit tricky because you can’t mess up that amazing hair and makeup. Then the time comes. The butterflies are in your stomach. They’ve been building all day long, and this is the part that I like. The rush right before the lights when I make that first step on the stage in front of the world; wearing a beautiful line of clothing that inspires me to do my best as a model, and that I know is inspiring the audience to feel emotions, and deliberate and imagine. During the show it’s just so much fun its almost indescribable, and then once its finished, and we have taken the final walk down the stage with designer and returned there is the incredible feeling of confidence, and gratefulness for being picked to represent that line and that designer. It’s always kind of sad when it’s over.

Oscar Vasquez Photography
Retrospect Vintage Fashion – Oscar Vasquez Photography

Q: Who’s your favorite model and why?
A: There are SO many to choose from, but I think if I had to pick from my top three I would go with Linda Evangelista. She is so incredibly beautiful. She has so many different looks and can literally pull of any style of hair or clothing. She has those eyes that just pop on camera, and a gorgeous figure for clothing and runway.

Q: What would you say is your personal style?
A: My personal style I think is vintage but edgy. I like the look and feel of tight fitting outfits and dresses. I love showing my figure and putting on something sexy and eye catching. But I also love the gorgeous, glittering and beaded looks of the 1920’s and the 1930s. When I go out to formal events I love to dress in glamor; gloves, gowns, etc. My style is very much a mix between Dita Von Teese and Sophia Loren.

Q: Who did you look up to when you were younger?
A: When I was younger I looked up to my uncle Roy Unger. He is an absolutely fantastic director, animator and cinematographer. He has worked on many very large projects in Hollywood. He is really the reason I was introduced to the fashion and film scene to begin with, and he was always very supportive of me and kept me inspired by how hard he pushed and worked. I can’t even keep up with him. His new projects that he has been working on, especially in animation, are unbelievably good.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Q: What inspires you?
A: What inspires me is the art and effect of fashion, and sometimes the dark and ominous way it presents itself. Like a living piece of art; the models become a picturesque moment in time with each photo and each step down the runway. A tangible splinter of framed beauty that will never change or wilt or grow old from that moment; and yet has the ability to inspire and bring emotion to the world beyond itself. Every time I see the world of fashion producing its art for the world. Exhibiting its power as the conductor of the trending and ever-changing world; I often times find myself both in awe, and humbled to think that so few people like us, all of us in fashion, are able to create such ripples of change daily in our world. That is what inspires me.

Q: What do you do on your free time?
A: There is so much. Literally never a dull moment because I like to stay busy if I can. I am a total nerd. I am a big fan of video games and comic book heroes. I will totally defeat anyone on Halo! I love to cook. I can make amazing dishes and I find it’s a great relief of stress to create a great meal that’s enjoyed by everyone. I go to the gym several times a week; When there is nothing else going on; I am always down to go out and get drinks, socialize and dance. Make a wild night of it! If all else fails, I just relax at home and watch TV shows or read. I love some of the Netflix originals, classic movies and musicals.

Zuyimi Photography
Neetu Sfashion – Zuyimi Photography

Q: What are your thoughts of the production compared to other productions you have been involved with?
A: I had an absolute blast being a part of the ten year anniversary of Sacramento Fashion Week from beginning to end. I loved it, and it was even bigger than last year; and I was so blessed to have been able to participate in not just the modeling but in several aspects of the production process this year. Even during the earlier stages of development last year. I do a lot of modeling and runway work for charity shows and such in LA. But this one meant a lot because there were so many personal friends and close acquaintances that were involved in the show this year. So I felt much more of a responsibility to make sure I was on top of my game and putting out one hundred and ten percent, not just for me, but for them as well. There were so many venues this year, new and old. The diversity was incredible in and of itself; and was literally breathtaking to be a part of on stage. The lines were gorgeous, all of them. It was really inspiring and everyone came together through this and really made the whole process very friendly; like a family really by the time it was done. I made a lot of new friends this year, and really cemented friendships with a lot of people from the year before. It was amazing.

Q: What is your advice to young girls and boys wanting to be in this industry?
A: Always keep your focus. From the moment you decide to make this passion your career, live it, never give up, and always keep a strong positive mental outlook on things. It’s difficult sometimes to do that. It’s very important to be realistic about what it takes to be in this industry, but I truly believe that if you put your efforts in the right places with smart and courageous choices; you will come out where you want to be or even further. There is an old saying in Hollywood, “Always friendly. Because the person you speak with at the bottom today might end up being the person you end up looking up to or working for tomorrow.” Always treat everyone with the same respect for their passion as you would have them do for your own, and keep your focus on your goals and dreams.

Film: Igor Kondrya
Makeup: Flo Ayala
Hair: Renne Alejandro

SACFW 2016 Emerging Next Recap

Designer Jose Rual Rosales - Kondrya Photography
Designer Jose Rual Rosales – Kondrya Photography

Written by: Johvana Flores

Beauty students and Hair stylist joined their glam squads at Federico Beauty Institute Thursday night February 25th for the Emerging Next showcase presented by the California Endowment.   The designers featured were; Hagen Valencia, Angelina Martin, Zenzele Nuru, Jose Raul Rosales, Amal Lqbal, Christy Jahlea Jahlou, Kirsi sasso, Seekham Thao, and Leo Tills.  Style’s varied from fancy to funky, street style,exotic wear to colorful, and overall unique.  These emerging designers blossomed into the spotlight.

Oscar Vasquez Photography
Designer Jose Rual Rosales – Oscar Vasquez Photography


Don’t the models look exquisite on the runway with their sleek moves and divine gowns?

Emerging Next Showcase

Designer Hagen Valencia - Jaime Urquizo Photography
Designer Hagen Valencia – Jaime Urquizo Photography

You’re probably thinking, “wow, male models at the show too?” Yes indeed and they did a great job at it. The look was structural and incorporated color blocking. I also enjoyed the outlining of the clothing giving it a pop art feel.

Designer Christy Jahlea Jahlou - Oscar Vasquez Photography
Designer Christy Jahlea Jahlou – Oscar Vasquez Photography

When viewing this particular design coming down the runway I thought “dreams do come true!”  The finally ended with women wearing exotic dresses, not something you can just go by at the mall. Definitely one of a kind and definitely the magnum opus of finales.

Zuyimi Photography
Zuyimi Photography

There were so many beautiful professional models so I was inspired to interview a few of the models.
Q: How did it feel modeling?
A: I was nervous of course, but I think I looked good (starts laughing).
Q: Did you like what you were modeling?
A: Yeah I did, it’s not something I usually wear but I still liked it. It shows a different side of me I didn’t know I had!
Q: How long have you been modeling?
A: I’ve always wanted to model since I was little, but I’m glad that after high school I got the opportunity to do this kind of thing. I really want to continue.
Q:Who was your favorite designer?
A: I would say Angelina Martin, it was unique and exiting for me.

Designer Angelina Martin - Nick Sharples Photography
Designer Angelina Martin – Nick Sharples Photography

Model Profile : Bostyn Sirovina

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Bostyn Holli Sirovina started modeling at the age of 10 and in 2011 at the age of 13 walked in her first fashion show. Since then she has been one of a few models that have consistently walked for a designer, every year for Sac Fashion Week.  The fashion industry however is not her only field of interest.  In February of 2015, Bostyn was offered an internship from Sutter Roseville Medical Center.  She also successfully completed and received an award from the Perry Outreach Program which inspires women to pursue careers in Orthopedic Surgery and Engineering.  During that same year, she received a scholarship to attend William Jessup Christian University and this coming fall, she will become a pre-med student. Bostyn Holli Sirovina has managed to balance both her professional and personal life well. Sacramento is excited and lucky to have a natural born role model right in our hands.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Q: Tell us about your first runway experience?
A: Lights flashed on my face as I was told to walk out. Heart thumping out of my chest and cheeks hurting from smiling too much. Nerves were my automatic response to being on a runway for the first time in front of hundreds of people. Yet, the experience was very invigorating and exciting.

Q: How did you get introduced to Sac Fashion Week?
A: Actually my mother had gotten me into it by letting me go to an audition in the first place. There were also a few designers from previous shows that asked me to attend.

Q: Do you have a favorite designer?
A: Yes, i actually have two. Yenni Zhou and Janelle Cardenas. They are so eccentric and different that you wouldn’t even dare to compete with them.


Krishna Alston Teresi Photography
Krishna Alston Teresi Photography

Q: Who is your favorite model and why?
A: I haven’t given much thought to who my absolute favorite is but i am quite fond of Tyra Banks. She is a strong independent model who wont let anyone change her. I love that about her.

Q: What would you say is your personal style?
A: I would say i am very layed back and hippy. I am not into today’s trends but i do like a good old pair of boyfriend jeans and baggy t-short with my birkenstalks.

Frans Loriaux Photography
Frans Loriaux Photography

Q: What inspires you?
A: I am a true believer in fate and hard work. You never get anywhere by standing still, so take one day at a time and let fate do the rest. Your only human.

Q: Where do you see yourself in this industry?
A: I take each show one at a time, but my main goal is to make it in New York Fashion Week and whatever happens from there is the future.

Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: I love to write and read. I believe that each day you can learn something new so why not read and be exposed to new worlds and new people. Life is an adventure.

Model Profile : Victoria Biruk

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Victoria moved to Sacramento in the summer of 2004. Sacramento Fashion Week (SACFW) was one of her first auditions and jobs in 2013.  She was the Face of SACFW 2014 and was one of a few girls who walked in multiple line ups that year.

Q: What was it like doing your first fashion shows?
A: It was unbelievable, it felt like a dream that I didn’t want to wakeup from. I loved every minute of it. I love the rush, on the go, everyone running around I just love it. Its amazing!

Q: Whats going through you head when your talking your first steps?
A: It is actually funny I feel like I’ll have a mini heart attack for some weird reason. Haha… but that’s before I walk…When I do take that first step onto that runway & walk down the
runway with all the lights and flashing cameras, music, sometimes screaming audience, that feeling I can’t even put into word’s I feel like I’m in a different world I forget about everything that I think and I’m just in some other world it’s amazing that all I want to say.

Q: Who did you look up to when you were younger?
A: My mom and my aunt. My mom I looked to her and learn how to be strong independent how to take care of myself and stand up for myself and not let anyone take advantage of me. And I looked to to my aunt for fashion advice how to dress how to do my nail’s hair and make-up and all the girly thing’s.

Oscar Vasquez Photography
Oscar Vasquez Photography
Tim Petrenko Photography
Tim Petrenko Photography

Q: What inspires you?
A: Honestly what inspires me is the dedication people put into me and the way people believe in me that’s what inspires me to go forward and not to give up.

Q: Do you have a favorite local designer:
A: Anastasia Kryukova (AK design) I would have to say. And the reason why is because she just put’s soo much thought and details into her design’s and in her every collection that’s what make’s her design so amazing and unique. And I also love another thing about her design is that you won’t find anything like it anywhere and that’s what I personally love about her design and every collection

Q: Who’s your favorite model and why?
A: My favorite model is Tyra Banks! why? it’s because she doesn’t give up she is a fighter and she does what she loves for living but still very successful and that is what my ultimate goal is to be successful but still love what I do every day.

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

Q: What would you say is your personal style?
A: I would have to say I’m very classy and sometimes kinda old fashion. Personally I love the old Hollywood style.

Q: Where do you see yourself going in this industry?
A: My ultimate goal is to open my own modeling agency by the age of 30. I love to produce, direct choreograph fashion show’s & or photo shoots. I actually directed my first fashion show last year in the summer, & I choreographed a number of fashion shows for the past last year alone. I’m also stating to teach my own modeling classes starting this year.

Q: What do you do in your free time when your not modeling?
A: In my free time I enjoy to go, shopping go out with my friends to the movie’s, dinner’s for coffee, tea but I will to say spa day’s are my favorite. I always wanted to model… Since I could remember I loved having my picture taken I loved runway walking. I actually convince my mom at 7 year-olds to buy me my first pair of 5 inch heels so I can learn how to walk in them. LoL. I just love to be in front of an audience I have to say.

Q: What advice would you give to young girls who want to be in this industry?
A: My advice to anyone who wants to get into the fashion industry is to surround yourself with positive people and always think positive of any situation you are in where you are put into. And most of all I would have to say is Don’t ever give up. I always remind myself this that there is no easy way to success. In my personal experience and opinion I would have to say that hearing other people’s opinion’s of you is the hardest to take in.

Model Profile : Heather Dominguez


Standing 5’11, Heather commands attention when she walks into a room. Just because she has the height doesn’t stop her from wearing heels. Get to know her and you will find that girl next door who can hang with the boys, and when it’s time she can work the attitude on the runway.


Q: What was the first show you ever did?
A: My first big show was a charity fashion show for the St. Vincent De Paul society in San Francisco in the Gap building.

Q: What inspires you?
A: This sounds random but people doing good things for one another. It just creates a little fire inside. Seeing people being kind just gets me pumped up. Positive energy from people fuels me in every aspect of my day.

Q: How do you want to inspire/motivate young girls around you?
A: I just want girls to learn that you don’t have to be catty and mean to be a successful woman. Down talking others does not bring you up. The way to be the best at anything you do, is to consider every moment a learning opportunity.

Q: How did you get introduced to Sac Fashion Week ?
A: A combination of Mykha the producer and a friend of mine who is now a designer.


Q: Why Sacramento?
A: Sacramento is my favorite city. It is beautiful, and alive. It is young and still has so much promise. Other cities like San Francisco are already defined. Sacramento still has so much promise and so much room to grow.

Q: When do you feel the most confident when doing a show or photo shoot?
A: When I am working with a team that is fluid and professional. It lets me forget about what is going on around me and I can focus on the job I need to do.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: Plain Jane. I’m a Jeans and T-Shirt kinda girl.

Q: What is your goal to reach in modeling?
A: Simply to enjoy it and grow as an artist.

Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: Read, play video games and cook.



Q: What is your advice to young girls and boys wanting to be in this industry?
A: Learn as much as you can from everyone you meet. Never ever assume you know everything there is to know about what you are doing. You are wrong.

Q: In your opinion what is the hardest part that comes with being in the fashion industry?
A: Being in awkward situations. This is a common occurrence.

Q: Has modeling helped you in your life outside of the industry?
A: It has definitely helped. I have grown confident. I have made some wonderful lifelong friends, and I have grown as a person. Plus I have had experiences that I never would have had if It weren’t for modeling.

Film Igor Kondrya
Hair & Makeup Anzhelika Staver
Production Assistant Ashley Harris

Headshots & Portfolios

You should know that your modeling portfolio is a true first impression of yourself as a model.  A portfolio will always be the first thing that agencies and clients look at before they even choose to see you in person;  And for that reason, it is highly recommended to focus on the building of an impressive modeling portfolio that will enable you to establish a successful career as a model.


Sacramento Fashion Week is just around the corner.  This is the best time to connect with local designers and stylist to update your book.  Modeling agencies suggest you update your book every 6 months.  If your using the same picture from more then a year ago and haven’t heard back or gotten a reply then there lies your problem.  Looks change, style changes and fashion changes.


Just because you have shot a lot of images doesn’t mean you should include them all in your book.  Pay attention to the quality of the photos you choose to include in your portfolio.  These photos need to impress agencies and clients alike and make you stand out from the rest.  So always aim to project the best possible image of yourself.

Tim Engle Photography has partnered with Sacramento Fashion Week to help you build the strongest portfolio posable.

Portfolio Review, Headshots, Mini Portfolio, Full Portfolio

Click here to inquire on the fashion week speical and Book Now


Model Profile : Christine Alward

Kondrya Photography
Kondrya Photography

SACFW had the pleasure of snapping a few pictures and chatting with Christine Alward. Born and raised in San Jose, she has called Sacramento home for a few years now. Her first opportunity to be behind the camera came with photographer Tim Engle, and her initial introduction with SACFW was in 2013 through stylist Simone Vianna. Simone encouraged her to audition for designer Nolan Kouri.

Q: What is it that you like about Nolan Kouri’s designs?

A: Not only are his designs beautiful, but his attention to detail results in very well made pieces that fit like a dream.

Q: What inspires you?

A: I’m inspired by the people I get to work with. I look up to them and have great respect for their talents. Their artistry pushes me forward. Not only do I get to spend time with passionate people and be inspired by them, but at the end of the day I can walk away and be proud that I was a part of something creative, done with integrity and with masters in their crafts.


Q: Favorite model that inspires you and why?

A: Coco Rocha, she also has a dance background and I love watching videos of her work. She doesn’t pose, she dances. She’s passionate about improving the industry she works in and I respect that, not to mention her work is just beautiful.

Q: What do you do on your free time?

A: I work full time, model as much as I can and still pick up my camera as much as I can. I am working to build that side of my portfolio to be just as strong as my modeling portfolio. My free time is spent with my husband, we like to get on our motorcycle and ride through the hills.

Tim Engle Photography
Tim Engle Photography

Q: What is your advice to young girls and boys wanting to be in this industry?

A: There are two things that come to mind. Be protective of your image. It’s a hard line to walk, the key to a models success is being seen, but make sure that what is being seen is worth it. You don’t have to do everything and be everywhere to be noticed, a strong consistent portfolio will get you noticed for the right reasons. Be versatile, not only as a model, learn the business side too It will help you in every way. Be talented and intelligent, it makes people stop and wonder.

Wings by Nolan Kouri
Hair Stylist Renne Alejandro
Makeup by Cesar Rivera & Florlinda Ayala

Celebrating 10 Years

Sacramento Fashion Week, produced by DMR Productions, was launched in Spring 2006 as an answer to the call for a fashion show production that focused on the needs of the local fashion industry. With fashion becoming more mainstream and the growing demand for both beauty and fashion products in all markets; retailers needed a resource that would help them become profitable within the current marketplace, while manufacturers needed an outlet that would effectively reach these buyers.

We provide the bridge between fashion designers, models, photographers, advertising agencies, modeling & talent agencies, fine artists, make up and hair stylists, exhibitors and entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry. Sacramento Fashion Week strives to produce an upscale quality event with the overall goal to bring more awareness and economic growth to our local fashion industry. We work with local higher education institutions to recruit and develop talent as well provide an avenue for students to learn real-world skills in the various industries that contribute to our event. As part of our commitment to the Greater Sacramento area economy, our marketing strategy involves collaboration with local businesses to create new sales and networking opportunities.

Fiji Fashion at LA Fashion Week

Photo courtesy of Fiji Fashion Week
Photo courtesy of Fiji Fashion Week

LA Fashion Week is California’s biggest apparel and design event. This year Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) will be bringing 12 talented Fijian designers to close the events on October 11th 2015.

Fiji is generally known as the “Way the World Should Be” because of the idyllic natural beauty of its 330 islands, sun, surf and the warmest and most gentle people on earth. The islands unique take on fashion and tapa or masi prints presents another taste of ‘fashion in paradise’.

FJFW is set to celebrate its 8th Fashion Week in May 2015 with an impressive lineup of young Fijian designers returning home to showcase their maiden collections and international designers from Samoa, Australia and LA. Designers from as far away as the US, France (Paris), India, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand have all participated alongside local designers in previous Fiji Fashion Week shows.

Lana Smith Designs
Lana Smith Designs Photo courtesy of Fiji Fashion Week

FJFW managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight said the invitation to take part in this event on October 11th is a massive exposure for Fiji. “It’s rare to get such offers. Those designers will really showcase Fiji. They have a whole week of fashion and the last show will be the FJFW fashion show.”

Ellen Whippy-Knight pictured center. image from FJFW Pinterest
Ellen Whippy-Knight pictured center Photo courtesy of Fiji Fashion Week

Mrs Whippy-Knight said they are still reaching out to sponsors because it would cost about US$20,000 ($F42,900) to compete in the show. “We are not charging the designers at all. This $20,000 is for the venue, your show, audio and sound, production and the red carpet. This is a very big move for us because all those sitting in front of us are potential buyers for our designers.”

For sponsorship info write to
To attend the showcase click here to purchase tickets

Fiji Fashions
Fiji Fashions