LAUNCH Behind the Scenes Spotlight: Lisa Kennedy


Lisa Kennedy

This last week LAUNCH launched its third year of top-notch events.  They are responsible for pushing the underground art scene above ground and into the light. With music, fashion and plain old fun, it was like a six day block party for all ages. The outstanding events would have not been possible if it weren’t for the outstanding contributions of workers ranging from the makeup artists and models to the graphic designer and stage designers, as well as a whole host of behind the scene workers who helped bring the event to life.

One of the many people who we saw running around was the ever so stylish and driven Lisa Kennedy. Kennedy is one of LAUNCH’s newest collaborators. As an event producer she and her team oversaw both the production and marketing for the LAUNCH event.  Kennedy loved working with LAUNCH because, in her own words, “It doesn’t all just happen in L.A. If you believe in your craft it can happen anywhere and I believe that with LAUNCH, it is possible to bring excitement to the city!”  Furthermore, when asked what she hoped to see for LAUNCH Fashion show in particular, she enthusiastically sat at the edge of her seat and stated she hopes to see a greater public recognition of fashion’s ‘indiscriminate’ nature, saying, “I’d really like to show that fashion is accessible and that it is not something that you just see in a magazine. It is something that you can actually touch.  It’s here and available.”

Sacramento needed visionaries such as Lisa Kennedy to bring this gala to a city often dominated in public perception by its politics and urban sprawl.  Even with such excellent ideas, the marvelous product that Sacramento witnessed this past week was only possible with hundreds of hours of planning, sleepless nights and creative work. Lisa Kennedy admits, “It is definitely not all glamorous. The designers and everyone work extremely hard. Those who were on Project Runway were fortunate and it was only the beginning for them. It projected them into a whole other stratosphere. It’s not easy but it is worth all the work.”

LAUNCH exposed a side of Sacramento that we have been aching to see and hope to see more often in the future. In events such as these, every person giving their best is vital to a successful production. In this case, the seeds of their work flourished magnificently and we can’t wait for what the next few years will bring!


Baby You’re a Firework


The Fourth of July is coming up soon and whether you plan to have a fun evening with your significant other by dressing up for dinner and a fireworks display or you are going to your neighborhood BBQ at home and helping the kids light their fireworks, Sacramento Fashion Week has you covered with inspiration.

When dressing up this Independence day one needs to realize the true patriotism lies in the accessories. The following accessories are interchangeable with many outfits if you plan it right!

If you’re planning on dressing up this Fourth, the Haute Hippie Ombre dress is the perfect choice. The layers make it feel summery, while the plunging neckline adds a little va va voom. Its such a lovely dress in that it fades from cream to red making it perfectly patriotic. When paired with the white clutch and cobalt blue pumps, you almost have the whole flag. Add a pair of gold, dangly earrings and a single pendant, and you are in for a glamorous night and will shine like a star.

If you’re planning more of a low key night, this simple white dress just screams summer and is sweet with its scalloped hemline. It is perfect to wear while shopping downtown during the day and transitions well to going out on a balmy summer night! Paired with the patent red flats and red cuff, this simple dress allows you to play with your outfit color palette in any way that suits you. To complete the American flag colors, pair it with simple blue earrings, and a luxurious Chanel tote- that is large enough to carry everything a girl could possibly need!

Whether you are a city chic who prefers something more dressed up option or a sweet homebody, don’t be afraid to show a little patriotism!

Good Clothes Open All Doors

The atmosphere and weather couldn’t have been more inviting for the “Fashion Helps” charity event.  Guests were quite occupied.  Some were shopping the racks at Article Consignment Boutique, scouting out the different vendors while enjoying the good food, or taking group photos at the free photo booth that printed photos with the design of the event on them.

The event “Local Fashion Helps” was an idea conjured up by Kari Shipman of Juniper James and Article Consignment Boutique, with the objective to raise funds and awareness for the HELP organization. Help organization’s goal is to change the lives of children that have undergone physical and mental abuse in their home.  HELP has made a difference and the outcome of the help that the kids have received from the devoted foster families is an infusion of confidence and empowerment. Many of the children have moved on to college furthering their education there and beyond. So from the participating jewelry vendors donating the artisan pieces for a silent auction and raffle, to bacon food specials from the Wicked Witch, they all came together to make a significant contribution to the cause.

Starting off the first half of the festivities was a mini fashion show showcasing the designs by Rampant Fashions and by Morris Terry.  Starting off the show were menswear styles by Rampant Fashions. Designer Jason Power thinks outside the box in creating each of his pieces the urban styles mixed with clever use of color and design elements to producing innovative styles that were crowd favorites among both men and women in the audience. Their current focus is menswear but can design women’s pieces as well.

Kari Shipman’s look of the night was the grey and blue hoodie due to its creative design concept that also made it also a crowd favorite. For Kari Shipman the highlight was seeing so many people coming out to help support kids in the foster system and the enthusiasm that the vendors and designers have shown to support the cause as well.
Morris Terry were excited by the turnout and the support that they have received from the community especially since this is their first runway showcase. All the styles showcased will hit select stores by July including Article Consignment Boutique. Each of their sportswear pieces are designed to enhance the natural silhouette with a tonal palette and unique details to create a dynamic look for any activity. Their designs have been featured in the People Style Watch and in Teen Vogue Fashion Click. Summarily, it was great social event which  helped satisfy shopping cravings but more importantly brought together the community to support a great cause.



Anthropologie Summer Fashion Show: More than Fashion

Anthropologie held one of their annual summer 2012 fashion collection in Roseville Held one of Sunday night. It felt like a way of involving the community of Roseville with fashion. Seeing the locals who actually shop at the store watch the show was exciting. The energy of the crowd just made it even a lot more better. The turnout and the fashions featured were amazing!

The set up of the show was quite organic and it represented Anthropologie perfectly. It was amazing how the staff was able to the arrange the store. It was strategically made to make the runway seem like it was part of the visual display.

Overall, the show showcased relaxed, simple, and yet fashionable pieces. The colors for the upcoming summer season are bright, bold, and loud, but with the use of simple silhouettes creating a perfect harmony. As well as, accessories each outfit with colorful bracelets. The collection are for those who want to be able to go from day to night in a matter of ease. In a matter of sense less is more. The pieces are not extremely trending meaning that the transition from each season wouldn’t be a problem for customers.

However, it wasn’t just about fashion, but the involvement of the community. Getting the customers and even those who are not familiar with Antropologie to come and witness a fashion show is truly an amazing thing. It is not often that individuals in this area are able to see such events happen in their hometown. Anthropologie brought fashion to the community.

I had the opportunity to interview the store manager Joanne Weeks. I also had the wonderful privelage of interviewing the hair and makeup genius of the show. What follows is the official inside scoop!

Joanne Weeks: Store Manager

W: What do you expect from this year’s fashion show?
J: We really want to showcase our summer trends right now. Right now our front of the store is merchandise kind of like a pool side, we got inspiration from the Parker Hotel in Palm Spring, so you will see a lot of blues. Most of our apparels, around 30% is blues right now. The styles we are going for is not laying, very simple, kind of easy, not too clingy, and easy silhouettes. You’ll see a lot of eye catching prints, stripes, brights pops of neons and corals and blues. Those are the styles we are going for right now. We definitely want to incorporate all the trends we see with Antropologie with accessories. Bracelets are huge! All of our models are wearing bracelets. We really want to showcase the feel the summer, even though it isn’t summer yet. Hopefully that it was represented in the show.

W: I know you guys do this annual, what is the purpose behind this fashion show?
J: We wanted to be some excitement to the community. Roseville is a growing area and we felt that it was our responsibility as Antropologie to introduce a different kind of aesthetics to the area. The purpose of this show is obviously to make sure customers are aware of Anthropologie and that we are here, and are here to stay. Just creating a local customer base with our personal shopper program.

Angelina Seva: Hair and makeup

W: What was the inspiration of the makeup and hairstyle today?
A: Well, actually it is very similar to the aesthetic as we are salon go for. It was easy and natural to work for them. They wanted three different looks, the beachy waves, the side braid, and the top not, but we could do whatever we wanted with that.

W: I really wanted to know since different trends come and go, what is the it trend for this summer for hair?
A: I think shiny, still keeping the beachy wave, but before it was all about being distress and texture and i think now it is about mixing some shine to it. I think because Vidal Sassoon passed away I think you see like a resurgence of a crisp bob or a hard bang, but it may be styled a bit more texture if you go that route.

The fashion show was simply a fresh of breath air. The lightweight materials and the beautiful bright colors are just perfect for the upcoming summer season. Joanne, the store manager stated that Anthropologie hosts these fashion shows two times a year and the next fashion show will be for the fall season. It is exciting and it definitely brings excitement to the Sacramento area!

Hanging Poolside for Fashion

This weekend the Sacramento Fashion Week team took a little road trip down to San Jose for the annual Santana Row Poolside Fashion Soirée. This annual event showcases the latest trends from Santana Row’s boutiques. We’ll save you our story and let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

Sac Fashion Week 2012 Mini Documentary

People often ask what is that motivates us to put on Sacramento Fashion Week. In this mini documentary, produced by Pavlo Films, learn about the ambitions and goals of our team through the point-of-view of our producers and partnering vendors.

Produced by: Pavlo Films
Director: Pavel Pshichenko
Co-Director: Will Rodriguez
Editor: Pavel Pshichenko
Videographers: Pavel Pshichenko, Serg Pshichenko, Will Rodriguez, Sara Abrahamyan
Music: Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks, M83 – Midnight City

Speakers: Duane Ram, Caren Templet, Rowena Hiraga, Simone Vianna, Colin Thompson, Tim Engle, Igor Kondrya, Will Rodriguez
Models: Alesya Corsetti, Melissa Lewis, Anastacia Cortez-McMillin, Chelsea Dixon, Brianna Olenslager

The Procrastinators Guide To Surviving Sacramento Fashion Week

by: Bridgett Rex – Editor in Chief

As much as some of us may try to hide from the facts, it is safe to say that we have all been expert procrastinators at some point. All of us have had our share of events when we arrived “fashionably late”, and in those moments of panic that often accompany these actions, we would have loved to have someone reaching out to save us from the horrible mess. So yes, the big showcases are today, but we can come proudly prepared in any case! Great procrastinators of the Sacramento area, have no fear, for the Sac Fashion Week Guide is here!

Bippity Boppity Boo
While we would like to fantasize that with a loud whistle or wave of the hand a cab will immediately roll up to the curb to whisk us home, it takes a bit more work than that.

There are a large number of different cab services circulating in and around Sacramento, but I recommend Yellow Cab for any taxi needs. As a warning, they are definitely not the cheapest option, but the company is well-established and has a reputation for great service. Their website even allows you to calculate your likely fare! This brings us to the next tip:
Bring CASH.
You always should have a little cash on your person for emergencies. In this case, you should have enough for the cab and tip as well, saving you the worries of using a credit card. To travel cheaper, attend with your friends or plan with someone you know that you live near and share the fair!
Here is the link to Google maps. The address to the charming Elks Tower is 921 11th St Sacramento, CA 95814. Not only will this help ensure that your cab takes you there quickly and efficiently, but if you choose to use public transportation instead, Google maps is also a great resource for finding different potential routes.

A Breath of Fresh Air
When you are “rubbing shoulders” with other attendees, impressions definitely matter whether the goal is new friendship or professional networking. To that end, not only do you have to look presentable a great outfit, but you should also be conversation ready.

While gum is good, cute little mints are the more professional choice and guarantees minty fresh breath. While gum may do the same, chewing on some gum isn’t good etiquette. They are much more secretive and easy to get rid of quickly should you decide to grab a drink. But don’t forget, the best accessory you can show off is your smile. Everyone likes a positive attitude, so don’t be shy and crack a smile!

Rest Assured

Whether it is nerves or the decision to dance the night away that causes you to sweat, the shine from perspiration always tends to mess up the photos. Believe it or not, toilet seat covers make excellent blotching paper for your face. The best part about this is that you don’t have to go scouting for them at the store, as they are guaranteed to be there all night. So don’t let your dancing gleam outshine you!

Hungry to Party

The first after-party for Sacramento Fashion Week could not be planned at a neater place. The Mix in downtown Sacramento not only has an exquisite inside/outside venue, but even better is that Friday night means $19 Pitcher Party (serves 4). Perhaps the drink isn’t enough? Small plates are available until 11pm on Saturdays. allowing you to squeeze in an order right after the showcases are done.

Even with the light appetizers practically on-site, you may still be a bit hungry after it is all over. Luckily, De Veres Irish Pub is open until 2am and is a hop and a skip away If instead you have a hankering for Japanese cuisine, Sapporo grill is a just as close and scrumptious, though they are only open until midnight.

Whatever you decide for your main meals, I suggest carrying a little snack such as a cereal bar or some crackers, because it never hurts to have something for an emergency. That way you’ll be able to focus on the amazing show rather than your angry stomach!

The Road to Sacramento Fashion Week: Press Party 2012

The Sacramento Press Party was held in downtown Sacramento at Mayhuel Tequila Museo where designers showcased some key pieces of their collection and Sac Fashion week models made a glamorous appearance!

Cinematographer: Pavel Pshichenko
Edited: Pavel & Sergey Pshichenko
Music: Let It Be – Black Mill

Street Style: Beauty and the Paralegal

by: Kimberly Christopherson

tank: Target, blazer and jeans: Forever 21, accessories: Forever 21 & H&M, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, sunglasses: Ray-Ban

This is Maria, a prime example of beauty and brains. “For work, I have to dress business professional, but I like to make it my own with pops of color and accessories.” She says, “Being on the go, it’s important for me to create outfits that are versatile, something that’s appropriate for work but can transition to night as well.”

“I think it’s important to mix things up” Maria says about incorporating both high end and more affordable pieces into her wardrobe. Take today’s look for example, mixing affordable pieces with shoes and sunglasses of a higher price point.

When asked what her favorite piece she has on is, without hesitation, Maria says, “Definitely my shoes! They’re super cute and comfortable.” Super cute is right! The details and design are what make them Jeffrey Campbell shoes. “I had been looking everywhere for these shoes. During a trip to New York, I searched high and low and finally found them in SoHo just two hours before my flight! There was barely any room in my luggage for them, but I had to take them back with me!”

As far as accessories goes, she says, “I have tons. I don’t tend to spend that much on accessories because they go in and out of style so often, but some items I think are worth investing in are a good watch, a nice pair of sunglasses and maybe some key pieces that are timeless, like my Tiffany jewelry. Other than that, I tend to go for cheaper pieces.”

Maria looks to Kourtney Kardashian and Rihanna for style inspiration. “I love Kourtney’s business meets party style and her sophisticated look. Rihanna is edgy and not afraid to try new things or take something and make it her own, I admire that.” Based off what you can see here, I think Maria has mastered both